Lamudi Virtual Broker Awards 2020: Special Award Winners

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This year, Lamudi took the highly-anticipated Broker Awards online. In this age of community quarantine measures, the company harnessed technology in keeping the important tradition of honoring persevering, committed real estate professionals. Despite the physical distance, the affinity isn’t lost, as everyone is glued to the video series of winner announcements, rooting for their teams, eager to congratulate one another.

A Word from the Head of Broker Sales

The first to congratulate the winners, Lamudi’s Head of Broker Sales Aimee Lorenzo, lauded the achievements of distinguished real estate professionals and promised support in every meaningful endeavor.

“We would like to give tribute to all of our partners who continue to succeed and thrive in this industry. We would like to let you know that we will continue to be your partner, to help you throughout your journey, to celebrate your every victory,” she said.

With or without crisis, Lamudi maintains its efforts to be of help to real estate agents, giving value-added services, and especially acknowledging the hard work professionals put in to propel the industry forward.

Here are the winners of the Special Awards Category: 

Partner Success Story of the Year

  • MJ Jambaro
  • Richard Carvajal
  • Raffy Siapco
  • Noemi Mepico
  • Dale Borja Lagonera
  • Carina Gaila

Winner: Raffy Siapco

Siapco expressed gratitude over the award and shared how Lamudi helped in growing his brokerage business. He shared, “Admittedly, my life has changed since I chose Lamudi as my partner in my real estate business. Your platform has resulted in a significant increase in RS Property Manila sales.

“I share this award with all those people who are with me in my real estate journey, my power team, family, friends, clients, and business partners. My success is your success, too. This is for all of us.”

People’s Choice Award

  • Richard Carvajal
  • MJ Jambaro
  • Noemi Mepico
  • Dale Borja Lagonera
  • Raffy Siapco
  • Carina Gaila

Winner: Richard Carvajal

Honored to receive the award, Carvajal said, “Thank you to Lamudi for their continuous support in helping us achieve success, to my PHILGEMS Realty Corp. family, to our valued clients, and to everyone who voted. Thank you for your trust. I promise to do better in the future.”

All-Star Portfolio Award

The award is given to Lamudi’s partner-brokerage with superior overall performance in terms of the number of listings, converted leads, responsiveness, and loyalty.

Winner: My Saving Grace Realty & Development Corporation

Ramil Alquileta, CEO and President of the winner brokerage firm, received the award with grateful appreciation, saying, “Sa Lamudi Philippines at lahat ng kumakatawan nito, maraming salamat po sa All-Star Portfolio Award of the Year na binigay n’yo po sa amin.

While recognizing the tough situation today, he remains positive that better days will come.

Partner of the Year

The bank was chosen for their exceptional cash management system that assists partner-brokers and brokerages to open accounts and pay easily. The institution is a valuable partner for Lamudi and partner-brokers now and in the years to come.

Winner: Unionbank of the Philippines

Honored by the award, Unionbank Senior Vice President and Fintech Group Head Arvie de Vera said, “On behalf of all Unionbankers, thank you, Lamudi, for this Partner of the Year Award. This really speaks to one of our core values, which is Ubuntu, which means you’re only human when you belong in a society; that society has to be collaborative. It’s through this collaboration that this partnership has grown.

“We look forward to co-creating this digital future with you.”

As the fourth installment of the Lamudi Virtual Broker Awards began with a greeting of victory, it ended with a collective congratulations from the Telesales Team. The group held shoutout cards, bearing each of the winners’ names as American pop-rock band American Authors’ song Best Day of My Life played in the background.  

This post is part of a series of articles about the Lamudi Virtual Broker Awards 2020. To know the winners in the Company Awards category, click here.

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