Lamudi Virtual Broker Awards 2020: A Word from Our Partner Real Estate Developers

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Tough as it was to pull off given the current health crisis and community quarantine measures in place, the Lamudi Virtual Broker Awards 2020 emerged as a huge success. Despite not taking place in a traditional huge venue, it was meaningful nonetheless. The efforts of top brokers and brokerage firms all over the country were honored in the comfort of their homes and in the company of their loved ones. 

The last leg of the Lamudi Virtual Broker Awards features precious congratulatory messages from partner real estate developers, brands that have long been trusted in the industry.

Pressing on in the Time of Crisis

“Congratulations to Lamudi for being able to host this event despite the lockdown. [Secondly], congratulations to all brokers, especially those who received awards,” Raphael Felix, President and CEO of Phinma Property Holdings Corp. and Subdivision and Housing Developers Association (SHDA) Chairman, opened the online ceremony.  

Lending a perspective of optimism, he added, “I believe in every crisis, there are opportunities. Property investments are one of those opportunities today.”

He urged brokers, “Keep on selling. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.”

Meanwhile, Cary Lagdameo, Vice President of Damosa Land, Inc., emphasized the hard work of real estate agents, “We thank you for all your efforts. Without your efforts, we would not have been where we are today.”

He appealed to brokers to band together all the more to keep the industry alive and thriving in the midst of the pandemic. “We know that these are very trying times. We just ask that we all continue to work together.

Reminding everyone that the current crisis will be over in time, he said, “This is temporary. We will bounce back, and once we do, we will all continue to be successful together.”

Emerging as Top-of-Mind Despite the Lockdown

In the meantime, while in lockdown, staying connected to clients and using technologies to make services available to the market should be every real estate professional’s priority. Federal Land Inc.’s Sales Head Guita Saenz-Resurreccion shared, “Now more than ever, we need to work together to strengthen our valued clients’ confidence in us, to show the market how resilient our industry is. We shall overcome.”

To make this a reality amid a global health crisis, the right mindset is crucial in keeping the real estate business afloat, according to NAI RCL Philippines’ Executive Chairman Fausto Liriano. Identifying teamwork and passion as two important ingredients in running operations, he said, “Stay passionate. Stay in communication.”

Staying focused on the rare opportunities today is equally important, especially as an antidote to discouragement during these trying times. 

Atty. Tam Sarmiento, the Executive Vice-President of Solar Resources, Inc., noted, “I understand that the situation is difficult for all of us because of the ongoing pandemic, ECQ, and lockdown. But please don’t be discouraged in continuously doing your activities, promoting and selling real estate properties to the public, to the consumers.”

He went on saying that brokers should seize the opportunity to remind the market of the importance of real estate, which never diminishes, but instead increases in value over time. “[The market] can always consider this as an essential commodity to secure their future,” he said.

Another opportunity the health crisis has presented is the efficient remote work setup. Joey Zamora, Head of Sales-Residential Business Unit of AboitizLand, Inc., mentioned this, saying, “We’re able to efficiently work from home. We actually fast-tracked our digital transformation.”

But to make all this a success and overcome the struggles of the present time, he said, “We need two things: flexibility and resilience. Flexibility starts with accepting things we cannot change, and adapting. Resilience is the strength and spirit to overcome any adversity.”

“To bounce back, it’s better to bend than to break,” he added.

Propelling the Industry Forward

For Vincent Lawrence Abejo, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Filinvest Land, Inc., real estate brokers contribute to a vibrant, thriving industry.

“Our broker-partners have been integral in Filinvest’s journey to becoming one of the country’s most trusted developers. Hand in hand, we forged on in our mission of building the Filipino dream. With their passion and excellence in craft, we have served more than 600,000 families in over 40 key cities across the Philippines.”

He added, “We believe you play a critical role as movers of the industry and the economy. We have faith that your agility and expertise will help you conquer these challenging times.”

Aside from the real estate developers, Lamudi’s partner-non-profit organization recognized the hard work of brokers in driving the industry forward. “Thank you for helping us create a world where everyone has a decent place to live. You are #LegacyBuilders,” they said, honoring real estate professionals.

Though a challenging feat, the Lamudi Broker Awards going virtual proved to be a success, a historical milestone even for the real estate industry. It’s one memorable testament to the organization’s commitment of supporting brokers and giving honor to their achievements.

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