Thinking Ahead: Gifts that Show You Care

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Valentine’s Day is the season of showing love. While you have probably mastered the art of expressing love with positive words and giving your loved ones embraces that wipe away the sadness and stresses of life, you may be struggling, just like everyone else, at giving gifts. 

If you need a little help this season of love, here are some gift suggestions not just for your significant other, but also for your parents, kids, and friends:

For Parents: Unique Gifts

Your parents most likely have seen it all. On top of this, they may have everything they need already. This is why the best presents for them are unique items. These are gifts that are very interesting in their use or source.

One good example is a world coffee sampler, a collection of different varieties of coffee from different parts of the globe. They’ll appreciate you making their morning breakfast complete and also ‘touring’ them around the world, without the hassle of visa applications and layovers.

Another good option is souvenir items from your travels, say, traditional hammam bowls from Turkey or tenugui (hand towels) from Japan. Skip the fridge magnets and go for those that wouldn’t end up as mere clutter at home

For Children: Useful Gifts

Children would love fancy things, such as toys and gadgets, but it’s better to give them gifts they’ll be able to use in school. When shopping for presents, remember the priority: practicality. For younger kids, an organizing caddy can help in keeping their art or hobby station in their room neat. For tweens, buy visually interesting lamps. Aside from the aesthetic accent in their room, it will give them much-needed lighting for studying. 

As for college students, you can gift them a smart notebook so they can access their files anywhere, anytime, even without the physical one. A new laptop, of course, would also be useful for the reflection papers, reports, and thesis they’re going to write. But if you want to take the gift-giving to a whole new level, buy them a condo unit. Let them have a space of their own near the campus so they could avoid getting stuck in traffic jams and getting late in class. Even after college, you could still use the space, renting it out for short-term or long-term lease for additional income. This is an investment OFW parents find very promising.

For Friends: Sentimental Gifts

It’s always good to take a trip down memory lane with friends. This time, don’t settle for the stories only. Communicate it in the form of presents. If you’re seasoned travelers, buy them a scratchable map and let them peel off the places you’ve visited together. Another option is a photo book. Publish all the Instagram photos (and the ones you haven’t posted) in a glossy journal. If you can, throw in some details about the images, such as date, place, and a memorable event. 

If you and your friend have a favorite catchphrase, frame it. It doesn’t matter if it’s crass or bold. It’s yours. Every time you both see that display, you will remember each other.

For Your Significant Other or for Yourself: The Gift of New Experiences

Non-material gifts are the best things to give to your partner or to yourself. You may leave a vacation destination or an adventure with empty hands, but you’ll definitely have a full heart. Locally, there are already so many sights to see and things to try. For beaches, go to Boracay, Coron, Panglao, Calaguas, or Pagudpud. For historical sites, visit Fort Santiago, Calle Crisologo, or Corregidor Island. If you want some adventure spots, try canyoneering and wakeboarding at Camarines Sur or cliff diving and snorkeling at Siquijor.

While you’re enjoying these sites, you may want to consider investing in local real estate. Given the influx of tourists, you’ll reap a lot of amazing opportunities when you buy a beach lot or a rest house in these provinces. In the end, you’ll realize that it’s the Valentine’s gift that keeps on giving.

The season of love is almost here. How are you planning to express affection to your partner, parents, children, and friends? Aside from offering encouraging words and comforting hugs, you can master the art of gift-giving. You never know, you might just love it and do it all year round.


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