Unveiling My Ensō Lofts from PH1 World Developers and Megawide Construction

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With the real estate market shifting to digital means, finding your dream home becomes safer and more convenient. Lamudi’s WebiLaunch series introduces you to your next potential property investment by featuring new and innovative projects launched online. 

In today’s episode, Nonie Librella, a Business Development Manager at Lamudi Philippines, is joined by PH1 World Developers’ Gigi Alcantara, Vice President for Sales and Marketing, and Albert Ong, Head of Business Development. From Megawide Construction, we have Bram Olffen, Vice President of Engineering, and Edgar Saavedra, CEO and Chairman. Together, they discussed the “disruptions” these two developers did to change the way residential properties are designed and built.

PH1 World Developers’ Stand for The Extraordinary

Formerly known as MySpace Properties Inc., PH1 World Developers started in 2009 yet has already rocked the real estate industry through their developments. Ong mentioned that PH1 aims to “disrupt” the real estate industry by providing extraordinary projects and services to their customers. “We stand for something that provides extraordinary value to our stakeholders.”

PH1 World Developers is known for its flagship project, The Hive, the first integrated condominium community in Taytay, Rizal. This 2021, PH1 has a lot in store for future buyers, such as the new three-tower mid-rise development close to The Hive. Another is a 10-hectare condominium community in Lancaster City in Kawit, Cavite.

By partnering with Megawide Construction, PH1 World Developers can provide the most innovative and extraordinary projects to their customers. “Through our builder partner Megawide Construction, we want to provide innovative and first-world experiences to our customers,” Ong said. PH1’s stand for extraordinary also makes them a “disruptor” of the real estate industry’s typical development standards.

Megawide on Building a First-World Philippines

For many years, Megawide has introduced various new technologies in their projects. “We are the most advanced when it comes to prefab work, and we are able to deliver faster construction and better quality compared to the industry’s standards,” Saavedra said, highlighting Megawide’s introduction of precast technology.

Being at the forefront of construction in the Philippines, Saavedra and Olffen shared a few tips on what to consider when buying a property. Olffen mentioned that whether he buys a property in the Netherlands or the Philippines, he always takes note of the contractor, the structural designer, and the safety of the development. “You may be buying an apartment only once or twice in your life, but you have to make sure that [your unit] is properly done.” For Saavedra, ample floor and height space, natural ventilation, and more common spaces are aspects buyers should also consider before purchasing.

Through Megawide’s efficiency and regard for their customers’ comfort and safety, they become miles closer to their aim of building a first-world Philippines.

Extra Space at No Cost

It is no secret that more expansive condominium units cost more. But at My Ensō Loft, PH1 World Developers offers an additional 30% condo space for free. “It is an unmatched concept, at least in the Philippines, as we speak. In my more-than-20-years experience in the real estate industry, it is also my first time hearing about it,” Alcantara said.

My Ensō Lofts is the first high-rise residential development of PH1 World Developers in partnership with Megawide Construction. The additional 30% space is made possible via AddLoft Technology. “[Through this innovation], we are giving every resident of My Ensō free space on top of their floor space without having to pay extra,” Alcantara said. 

Librella agreed by mentioning that this AddLoft Technology is a disruptor in the real estate industry, in a sense that it is unbelievable and innovative.

Alcantara also noted that with their loft technology, future residents of My Ensō Lofts will “have the liberty to adjust the space in accordance to their needs.” Olffen also highlighted that besides AddLoft Technology, they used a high-ceiling design philosophy by Edward Co Tan and Architects. This design philosophy gives residents additional space and more natural light and ventilation.

Sustainability as a Core Concept

Besides high ceilings and additional elbow room, Saavedra also pointed out that every floor at My Ensō Lofts has a sky garden serving as a pocket open park where unit owners can enjoy without going down to the main amenity area. “PH1 could have just sold that space as a condominium, but the design intends to ensure that the quality of living is [upgraded and more sustainable] than typical condominiums.”

My Ensō Lofts’ other sustainable features include atriums and open corridors that provide natural lighting to its residents. “We also have a zen garden in our amenity area and balconies in some of the one- and two-bedroom units,” Ong said.

Live. Work. Play. Repeat.

With working from home most likely becoming a staple even after COVID-19 lifts, PH1 and Megawide constructed My Ensō Lofts in a way that the live-work-play lifestyle lets residents relax and become productive. “Aside from the lofts and additional space, we are also giving residents exclusive access to the leisure and business amenities in the tower, including a coworking space, two infinity pools, a gym and fitness center, and function rooms.”

As Librella mentioned that people are working where they live nowadays, Alcantara noted that the My Ensō Lofts coworking space is designed so unit owners have a conducive place to work other than their comfortable units. 

Alcantara also highlighted the retail area on the first floor, the external and private lobbies, and parking spaces. “We also offer ample parking spaces to our residents because at the moment, there are limited parking spaces in other developments.” The retail area has three levels, comprised of multiple stores, supermarkets, dining places, and coffee shops. Ong also said that the second retail space level has business function rooms perfect for meetings and business events.

My Ensō Lofts’ strategic location in South Triangle, Quezon City, also adds to its residents’ live-work-play lifestyle. Bounded by Timog Avenue and Sgt. Esguerra Road, My Ensō Lofts’ future residents will be minutes away from schools, shopping malls, and hospitals in the area.

As a whole, My Ensō Lofts’ amenities are intended to give the utmost comfort, relaxation, and productivity to its residents.

Traffic No More

Another innovation Megawide introduced to My Ensō Lofts is redesigning elevators to reduce vertical traffic. “We used a system where we split the building into different zones: Low Zone, Mid Zone, High Zone, and Penthouse.” 

Olffen said that through this elevator system, residents get to their designated floors by riding the elevators in their specified zones.  For example, unit owners who need to get to their Mid-Zone unit can take the low-zone elevator and move to a mid-zone lift to their floors. Saavedra added that they ensured the maximum waiting time will not be more than one minute.

To end the episode, Alcantara mentioned that the COVID-19 crisis is the perfect time to purchase a unit at My Ensō Lofts. “This is the best time to invest in My Ensō Lofts because of its unique concept, strategic location, upgraded technology, and extra space for no additional cost.” Alcantara also invited potential buyers to visit their showroom and see how AddLoft Technology works.

With innovation, sustainability, and comfort becoming critical concepts for modern developments, My Ensō Lofts shows what the ideal residential project of the present and the future looks like. 

Stay tuned for the next WebiLaunch episode for more information on the latest real estate developments.


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