Traveling Cheap and Easy: Choosing AirAsia

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Traveling is such a fulfilling experience and one should not be hindered in making travel dreams come to life. AirAsia can easily be your travel companion anytime, and almost anywhere.

For most people, traveling via air is assumed to be pricey, something that is out of reach. However, with all the innovations that continuously make transportation more efficient, the former mindset is already changing. One can now travel and also have other services added for a more comfortable and worry-free trip.

AirAsia continues to champion in offering the best bundles and complementary products that let you have travel essentials in just one easy and seamless transaction. This makes AirAsia the airline one-stop shop for your local and international flights. Still not convince? Here’s a list of reasons why you should choose AirAsia.

Lowest Fares Guaranteed

AirAsia is tagged as the Best Low-Cost Airline and this does not just happen overnight. Trust and quality of service have been proven by AirAsia, earning awards and eventually owning this tagline. With over 130 destinations and guaranteed cheap fares, it’s high time for you to plan all those dream vacations.

BIG Loyalty

The cheap fares can still be cheaper when you are a BIG member. Not only that, but you can also earn points which you can redeem or even spend for a roster of deals including but not limited to discounted flights, shopping access, and so much more.

You can avail of the AirAsia Credit Card which offers an instant upgrade to Platinum status (letting you earn 7 times more BIG points per PhP25 spent on qualifying AirAsia flight bookings), an 8,000 BIG points welcome bonus (subject to activation and first use within a timeframe), and of course, VIP treatment as you become top priority in check-in, boarding and even baggage collection.

In-flight Meals

Getting “hangry” (hungry and angry) won’t happen when you fly with AirAsia, as you can choose to avail a variety of delicious food from the Santan menu. As elaborated in the site, named after the much-loved coconut milk, the Santan menu offers a wide selection of Asian, international, and vegetarian options for everyone. The Santan Combo Meal provides guests with great value and savings, plus the ability to choose and secure your favorite Hot Meal from a wide selection. All pre-book meals come with a complimentary drink as well.

AirAsia takes pride with, “a data-driven OTA, the digital expansion of AirAsia’s award-winning inflight magazine travel360. A one-stop platform for all your traveling needs – from destination guides to inspirations – it’s where you can secure the best deals on flight, hotel, transport, activities and more”. The moment you visit the site, you are welcomed by interesting photos, stories for inspiration, and of course, ways on how you can make these part of your own memories, too.


Why wait until you land when you can be connected even while above the clouds? Rokki is “AirAsia’s on-board Wi-Fi that offers in-flight entertainment and connectivity at your fingertips. Using your personal mobile device, you can enjoy FREE access to the Rokki website, where you can watch movies, read travel guides, view shopping catalogues, more! You can also get Internet access to surf the web and use your favourite apps by purchasing a ROKKI Plan.”


You can know all about the hottest and trending events in both local and international scenes through AirAsia’s RedTix. It is dubbed as the “smartest new way to discover, discuss, review and book tickets to an international line-up of concerts, sporting events, musicals, theatre performances and more”.


Forgot to buy or bring a gift for a friend, relative, or colleague before flying? If you are with AirAsia, this will not be a big problem as you can choose from a wide array of items and collections for various needs; may it be from the AirAsia Collection, alcohol, beauty, fashion, food, gadgets, kids, local picks, tobacco, and travel essentials. At OURSHOP, “travelers’ can opt to collect at the airport or on board for convenience. Guaranteed 100% authenticity.”

If you want to give something unique and useful for a fellow traveler or for someone with a case of wanderlust, you can avail of the electronic Gift Voucher or eGV. It can be customized as you can choose the voucher design; plus you can simply avail of it via the site. The notification email will be sent to the recipient, which enables the person to easily redeem the voucher once it is activated through a few simple steps.

There are still so many reasons why you should try AirAsia and this almost just the tip of the iceberg. With all the necessary travel details and essentials covered, the only question left for you to ask, and also answer, is “where to next?”


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