Need a Reality Check? Top Questions to Ask When Picking a Home Location

Almost everyone finds excitement in the flurry of the homebuying process. You have the time of your life going to different places, seeing the pretty, dressed-up spaces, and moving into “the one.” But sometimes the excitement can get pretty overwhelming that most property seekers get ahead of themselves and they neglect the essentials. This is especially true when they’re already fixated on a particular popular location.

Yes, buying a home is an exciting milestone, but remember that it’s also a major financial decision that requires careful planning. Let these reality checks keep your homebuying decision on track:

Does the Location Match My Lifestyle?

Where you live should align with how you live. If you have a social lifestyle, the type where you usually host dinners and parties with loved ones, you probably should consider living near family members and close friends. If you have an on-the-go lifestyle, it will be to your benefit when you choose a location near shopping centers and restaurants, where you can easily grab essentials. 

One community in Ozamiz City is purposefully designed to accommodate different kinds of lifestyles. The Emerald Residences by Mediatrix Homes is a serene residential enclave that makes for a perfect home for tight-knit families. 

While it’s tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the center of Ozamiz is simply three kilometers away. Therefore, essential establishments are easily within reach. In less than 15 minutes, you can reach shopping centers, such as Geege Mall, Gaisano Capital, and Centrum Ozamiz. You won’t have any trouble doing grocery or bank errands as these retail hubs are close by.

Whatever lifestyle you choose, you can find a suitable home in The Emerald Residences.

When choosing a home location, always ask if it matches your lifestyle. You shouldn’t do an overhaul of your lifestyle routine when moving to a new home. Instead, the new home should accommodate your needs.

Can I Live in It for the Next Few Years?

One of the golden rules in buying a home is the five-year rule. It basically states that you should own a home for at least five years before selling. By then, the property would have appreciated in value and you would be able to break even and recover from the costs of the house. That said, before buying into a home location, see to it that you can live in it for years. 

One consideration here is your lifestyle years from now. With adult kids going to college, you might find yourself picking up new hobbies, say, leading an active, fit lifestyle. In this case, it’s important to find a community that has open, green spaces, or one that’s close to recreational areas, like city parks, as early as now.

Another important consideration here is the potential for development of the location you’re choosing. In the next five to 10 years, will the location be desirable? Will there be new infrastructure in the area? These will play a huge role in the appreciation of your home.

In The Emerald Residences, you can have the peace of mind that the community will be livable and desirable for the years to come. It will grow with you into your years of retirement, providing areas for recreation, namely the clubhouse, swimming pool, parks and playground, and basketball court. 

Expect a comfortable home environment you can enjoy for years in The Emerald Residences.

Since it’s within a progressive city, it will likely be a recipient of major infrastructure projects. In fact, there’s already one that’s in the works: the Panguil Bay Bridge, which is set to be the longest bridge in the country, connecting Tangub City in Misamis Occidental and Tubod in Lanao del Norte.

The bottomline is that before buying into a home location, make sure that you see yourself living in it for the next few years. 

Will I Be Able to Afford It?

It goes without saying that finances should be a huge consideration before choosing a home address. Some people who are fixated on a certain location unfortunately make the mistake of compromising their budget to afford moving into a popular neighborhood. In the long run, the house becomes a money pit. 

The best thing about choosing The Emerald Residences is that the purchase of a home won’t break the bank. The unit prices start at P2.9M. Without stretching your budget, you can secure a two-story home that has a Piedra Verde House Design, a beautiful, contemporary architectural style. Its facade blends with the abundant greenery of the rural landscape of the city. The backdrop of your home is the Bukagan Hill, an idyllic scenery you can easily view from the upper floor of your residence. 

In the Emerald Residences, you can live in a modern space without breaking the bank.

With The Emerald Residences, you get quality and affordability at its finest. Plus, you get to have peace of mind as Mediatrix Homes promises: “Dito ang Titulo Laging Sigurado.”

As you consider different locations for your next home, ask yourself, will I be able to afford it? How far can my money go with this particular community?

Buying a home is an exciting journey, but remember not to be caught up with the high of emotions. Don’t rush into moving to a certain community. Have a reality check before settling.

If you want to know more about The Emerald Residences, visit this page.


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