Sharpen the Saw: Top Online Learning Platforms to Maximize During Lockdown

As most people are stuck at home because of the coronavirus lockdown, many are trying to deal with the boredom and cabin fever, finding ways to be productive. While you probably have gotten yourself busy with workout routines and home decluttering, one good way to make the best use of the downtime is to pick up new skills and knowledge, which can improve your real estate career and business.

Fortunately, you don’t need a formal class or a huge conference to make that happen. With digital platforms, you can easily ‘sharpen the saw,’ as industry experts put it in the first episode of Lamudi’s webinar series. Here are some of the top online learning tools you can use to engage your mind:


This learning platform is created by Harvard and MIT. According to their official website, they host more than 20 million learners. You’ll find a wide range of courses, from business management to chemistry to food and nutrition to even law. They likewise have certificate programs, which tackle strategic management, inclusive leadership, and financial decision-making for leaders.

Some interesting classes worth attending:

  • Smart Cities. Learn the huge role of data and information in designing future cities. The next time property developers and policymakers drop the phrase ‘smart cities,’ you’ll understand what exactly they’re talking about. The course runs for 10 weeks and is free.
  • Managing Building Adaptation: A Sustainable Approach. If you’re interested in sustainability in the context of building development, this course will deepen your understanding of the topic. By the end of the session, real estate professionals will gain a better appreciation of the sustainability promise of the properties you’re managing. The course runs for six weeks and is free.
  • Digital Branding and Engagement. This will be beneficial for a brokerage, as you learn more about content marketing and the kinds of online media assets you can maximize. The course runs for four weeks and is free.


This learning tool is a collaboration project of leading universities and companies, such as Duke University, Imperial College of London, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, IBM, Google, and more. You can master a skill through specialization courses, improve career skills with professional certificates, or earn a master’s degree. 

Some interesting classes worth attending:

  • Sales Training: Techniques for a Human-Centric Sales Process. At the end of the sessions, you’ll be more skillful in finding businesses using digital strategies, handling exploratory calls, and closing a deal. The course runs for six weeks and is free.
  • Introduction to Personal Branding. Since much of the real estate business hinges on the credibility of the professionals, it’s important to focus on personal branding. This class will teach you how to form your personal mission statement, use the right social media platforms, and improve your reputation online. It runs for five weeks and is free.
  • Market Research and Consumer Behavior. The behavior of consumers has changed in response to the crisis. It will continue to evolve as the pandemic continues or subsides. It’s crucial then to zero in on your market and learn about them during this lockdown period. This class may help you with that department. It runs for two weeks and is free.


Most of the classes on this platform are geared toward creativity, business, and technology. Real estate professionals can find courses on design, photography, video creation, marketing, leadership, and productivity. Check out the lifestyle courses the platform offers. From crafts to culinary, you’ll find lots of inspiring courses.

Some interesting classes worth attending:

For real estate professionals:

  • iPhone Photography: How to Take Pro Photos On Your iPhone. No more blurry photos on your listings. Enroll in this class and learn how you can take high-quality images without spending a lot on camera equipment. The course has 19 lessons, with a total of 51 minutes of video clips. Take advantage of the free trial.
  • Captivation Marketing: 7 Proven Ways to Hook Your Audience. This will surely help in writing online listings better, since it will basically teach you how to capture your audience’s attention. It has 11 lessons, all in all, a total of one hour and two minutes.

For property seekers/homeowners:

  • Gardening for Beginners. If you’re planning to improve your outdoor space during this lockdown period, then this should be a handy lesson for you. The class has 13 lessons, and runs for an hour and a half.

The enhanced community quarantine may have put a sudden break in your daily work habits or home buying efforts, but it shouldn’t necessarily postpone learning new things and improving skills. Maximize your free time now so you come out prepared and skilled once all of this crisis is over.


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