Top Amenities to Look for in Buying a Great Condo in Metro Manila

What do buyers really want when it comes to condo amenities?

When one invests hard-earned money in real estate such as a condo unit, one has to ask very important questions such as—Where is the location? How much is it? What is the developer’s reputation? With all the basics covered, one more question can really make or break the deal—What are the amenities? Top-notch facilities that provide luxury and comfort are really the “it” factor when it comes to attracting buyers.

As such, real estate developers and designers pull out all the stops to provide the best amenities, particularly if the condo follows a certain theme or inspiration. Aside from making life in a condo a lot more convenient (and not to mention, fun), amenities also add market value and desirability to the actual condo unit if it’s leased or sold.

Here are the top amenities to look for in your condo hunting.

1. Stunning Swimming Pools

There is something about the water that draws people in, which is why you will hardly see a condo development these days without at least one swimming pool. And these aren’t just your standard-issue rectangular swimming pool—now, pools come in all shapes and sizes, even one that’s thirty storeys high! Swimming pools provide both a refreshing break for hot days and a welcome distraction after a long, tiring day in the city. To complete the resort-like experience, the pool should be accompanied by added touches such as poolside lounge areas, snack bars, and changing rooms.

2. A Touch of Green

Plants and trees help maintain one’s health and well-being because they provide oxygen and reduce air pollutants. With a condo, buyers are aware that the limited space prevents them from having their own backyard. Developers are bridging that gap by allocating common spaces for gardens and greenery. For smaller developments, pocket gardens and green walls—vertical gardens attached to a building’s interior or exterior—break the monotony of cement, steel, and wood around the complex.

3. Fitness Center and Spa

For the health-conscious buyer who would like to stay fit and relaxed without having to leave the confines of their home, a fitness center and spa are must-have amenities. Most condos have a fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment as well as spa facilities to help you de-stress. Plus points if the condo has other fitness and wellness amenities such as a yoga studio, outdoor gym, or even a Turkish bath!

4. Lobby, Function Halls, and Other Common Areas

Common areas like the lobby and hallways are extensions of your living space (and areas that you help maintain with association dues). A wide, spacious lobby with a proper concierge and tight security are benchmarks of a great condo. When added with comfy couches, plush armchairs, warm lighting, and cozy décor, the lobby can really make you and your guests feel right at home. And since you can only entertain a small group in your unit, function halls and other common areas must be aptly sized to accommodate any event from small meetings to grand birthday celebrations.

5. Movie Room

For those days when you feel like going to the movies but are too lazy to get out of the house, staying at home with a bowl of popcorn watching a movie might be enough. But why watch a movie in your TV when your condo is fully fitted with a mini-theater? And ideal movie room can accommodate a dozen or so viewers, fully fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, and decked out in comfy seats like Lazy Boys for the ultimate Netflix and Chill!

6. Library

Reading can be a form of retreat for many people, even more so if they can pore over their favorite text in a space that is both comfortable and tranquil. Reading nooks and libraries are becoming a trend in condos, specifically those that are designed to prioritize families with school-age children. Aside from catching up on your reading, these spaces should allow you or your children to study and do their homework without the various distractions in their bedrooms.

7. Children’s Play Area

Speaking of kids, if the condo you are thinking about buying is on the small side, chances are your little ones may not have enough room to run around and play. A condo with a children’s play area should allow them to burn off their excess energy and get the exercise they need. A play area also encourages social interaction, since letting your children to play with other kids will teach them the value of communication, sharing, and teamwork.

Top-notch Amenities at Acqua Private Residences

The towering Acqua Private Residences is a unique waterfront development that reimagines city living for its residents with its strategic location, nature-infused design, and a full range of amenities—offering exciting recreational activities from day to night.

Located at the convergence of Makati and Mandaluyong, Acqua Private Residences offers a unique lifestyle option—waterfront living by the banks of the Pasig River while being literally a bridge away from Makati and close to other business districts such as Bonifacio Global City and Ortigas.

Developed by Century Properties, Acqua takes nature’s breathtaking water features and rich foliage and brings them into an urban development. A lagoon pool, lush walkways, pocket gardens, as well as three waterfalls seemingly cascading into the river below are key features of the property.

But what makes Acqua Private Residences a true oasis in the city is its very own country club by the water—The Pebble. A modern interpretation of a smooth river stone, the gleaming white structure houses a gym, yoga and dance studios, basketball and tennis courts, climbing wall, a spa, juice bar, Jacuzzi, and lap pool. Fronting the Pebble is the Riverwalk Promenade, where residents and guests can enjoy a delightful stretch of restaurants, bars, cafés, and designer stores from day until night.

Taking the Acqua experience to even greater heights is the property’s tallest residential tower, Acqua Iguazu. Standing at 57 storeys high, Acqua Iguazu aims for the stars not only in height but in design with interiors by yoo inspired by Starck—a collaboration between world’s most celebrated designer, Philippe Starck, and renowned international property developer John Hitchcox.

Iguazu will be crowned by a three-level skydeck called Cielo. This unique multi-level, vibrant space will feature its own swimming pool, bar, dining area, function rooms, movie room, and indoor and outdoor library—all done in the signature quirky but cozy style of yoo inspired by Starck.

Acqua Iguazu is the fifth of the six towers to rise in Acqua Private Residences—after the successful launch of Niagara, Sutherland, Dettifoss, and Acqua Livingstone interior design by MissoniHome. Adding another exciting element to the property is Novotel Suites Manila, a hybrid hotel-residential tower in partnership with world-renowned hotel chain ACCOR HOTELS.

Experience a refreshing take on city living at Acqua Private Residences. To know more about Century Properties’ easy move-in terms, visit

This article was sponsored by Century Properties

Established in 1986, Century Properties is a leading Philippine real estate development company. Their pioneering real estate concepts and industry firsts have resulted in some of the most exciting and truly remarkable real estate projects in the country, which include Gramercy Residences (a hyper-amenitized luxury residence in the middle of Makati), Azure Urban Resort Residences (featuring the country’s first man-made beach and beach club by Paris Hilton), Acqua Livingstone interior design by MISSONIHOME, Acqua Iguazu yoo inspired by Starck, The Milano Residences, Trump Tower at Century City, Century Spire designed by Daniel Libeskind and interior designed by Armani/Casa, Centuria Medical Makati, Forbes Media Tower (the first such tower in the world), Century City Mall, Batulao Artscapes (the world’s first livable art park), and many other innovative residential and mixed-use developments.


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