The Top 5 Amenities Property Seekers Want in a Home

After the location and price, it’s usually the amenities people look into when buying a home. For sure, you’ve read countless articles about how this or that fixture, appliance, or dedicated space makes for a successful deal. The only dilemma you have is, you’re not sure whether or not those lists are based on real, reliable data. 

It’s difficult to know which exactly to highlight in your listings or add in your next development projects. With a lot of people hesitating to go out and attend open houses in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, you have little to go on in terms of attracting buyers. In times like this, it’s important to turn to facts. 

From January to the first week of March 2020, these amenities are what Lamudi users often look for:

Swimming Pool

The majority of Lamudi users seek properties that have a swimming pool. If you think about it, it’s not really an unlikely must-have amenity. It fits different lifestyles of people from different walks of life. For homebuyers who have a family, a pool serves as a recreational area for their growing kids and visiting friends and loved ones. To single professionals, it’s a space for getting that much-needed relaxation or workout after a long day at the office. 

That said, if you have this amenity at the house and lot or condo you’re selling, make sure to emphasize it in your online listings. Take professional pictures of it. In case it’s not available, if it’s possible for future homeowners to add the amenity themselves in the huge backyard, then make sure to include that as well.

Air Conditioning Units

The number of people searching for this is almost equal to those looking for properties with swimming pools. We’re living in a tropical climate — when summer hits, it’s guaranteed to make buckets of sweat. It’s no wonder home buyers search for homes that have cooling systems or provisions for them. 

When highlighting this amenity in your online listing, indicate the brand and model of the appliance. If it was recently installed or replaced, write that down as well. Not only should you assure that there is a cooling system in the home, but that it’s new and in good working condition.

Wi-Fi Technology

Access to the internet is a basic need nowadays. People must stay connected with friends and loved ones on social media. Professionals are compelled to check their emails every now and then. Kids need Google for their research and projects. This explains why Wi-Fi technology at home, the place where people spend a lot of their time, is a must-have.

How can you add this to your listing? If the condo property management offers Wi-Fi services in the building, mention it, detailing the maximum internet speed. If the house or condo unit has the necessary utilities for Wi-Fi to be put in place easily, explain this in your listing. 


According to recent studies, Filipinos have become fitness-conscious in the last few years to reduce financial problems associated with developing diseases. It’s not surprising that they’re looking for homes that would allow them to start on or maintain their active lifestyles. It’s either they find condos that have fitness center facilities or houses that have dedicated gym spaces.

In most instances, real estate agents would only include gyms as part of the bulleted items under the amenities list. But knowing now that this is an important factor for future clients, perhaps it’s time to consider providing more details. If you’re selling a condo unit, include some of the exercise gear and equipment in the common gym. If there are views from the room, that would be a huge come-on for buyers as well. If you’re selling a house and lot, include the basketball and tennis courts, as well as the jogging paths in the neighborhood.


Garages round up the top-five amenities property seekers look for. In the country, garages serve multiple purposes, which explains why they’re very in-demand. Obviously, they are parking spaces for cars. Next to that, they can be storage areas, where you can keep cleaning materials, gardening tools, bikes, books and newspapers, and many others. In some instances, garages become man caves, where your husband can park his billiard tables, guitars, or collection of liquor. 

When writing this down in your listing, let your future clients envision how exactly they can use this space. Combine it with other top-searched amenities for maximum potential. On Lamudi, AC and swimming pools are twice as popular as garages, but if you have a listing with a garage and has provisions for an air conditioning unit, it will certainly be attractive to more seekers. This will increase the chances of them actually inquiring about the property.

Knowing what buyers want is the first step in generating a lead. If you have these specific amenities mentioned, do include them in your listing descriptions. From here, get yourself ready for calls coming your way.


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