11 Tips to Achieve an Asian Minimalist Condo Design

2023 is just around the corner. Aside from preparing your list of New Year’s Resolutions, why not consider giving your condo a makeover? Upgrading your condo’s interior design is one of the best and easiest ways to make your unit feel brand new. One of the common home-related resolutions includes taking a mindful approach and decluttering. This is why an Asian minimalist condo design is a popular interior theme today.

While comfortable and vibrant, city living can also be stressful for others. Homeowners prefer to come home to a cozier abode, especially after a long day outside. Asian minimalist designs for condominium interiors are perfect for this because it values aesthetics, function, and practicality. Embracing a minimalist condo design for one’s home also promotes self-care as it is geared to facilitate healthy living and peace of mind. This condo design also gives property dwellers the freedom to redesign their spaces in a more personal way that showcases who they are.

To achieve an Asian minimalist condo, here are 11 interior design styling tips you may follow:

11 Tips to Achieve an Asian Minimalist Condo Design

Go for White and Neutral Colors

Having white or even close-to-white surfaces in your home makes your space more spacious and clean looking. When thinking of paint colors to have in your condo, you may choose white or other similar shades of it. To introduce accent colors in your home, use neutral colors such as beige and gray. You can also use a neutral color on your walls and pair it with white pieces of furniture.

Introduce Wood Aesthetics

An Asian minimalist condo design wouldn’t be complete without combining natural elements with modernism. To introduce natural elements to your condo home, use wood accents similar to the #TeamKahoy aesthetic. Aside from installing wooden floors, use wooden furniture or small wooden decor.

Use Natural Fabrics

Add a pop of texture to your condo unit using natural fabrics such as wool, cotton, and linen. You can choose these types of fabrics for your curtains, sofa covers, table covers, pillow covers, and blankets. For colors, stick with whites and neutrals for a more relaxed feel, but you can also choose ones with vibrant hues for a pop of color in your home. 

Place Indoor Plants and Other Natural Elements

Another element you can pair with your condo’s modern style to achieve an Asian minimalist vibe is introducing indoor plants to your unit. Aside from beautifying your home, these can contribute to cleaner air in your condo. Plants are not the only thing you can place inside your home to make it more relaxing and clean. You can also use rocks, pebbles, sand, and water features. You can also have your rock garden inside your condo.

Achieve Clean, Sleek Lines

For a minimalist aesthetic, stick with furniture pieces with clear and simple lines instead of those with ornate designs. For sustainability and practicality, invest in fewer but higher quality pieces of furniture made of wood or other natural materials.

Go for an Open Living Space

Having an open floor plan in your condo is one of the best ways to maximize every inch of your condo home. When you have an open floor plan, you can install vertical wood slats to create a visual separation between functional areas in the home. When you have an open layout, your house has more breathing space and allows you to rearrange your condo in a new way whenever you want to, based on your preferences and needs.

Elegant Built-Ins

To achieve the clutter-free look of your condo, it is best to invest in elegant built-in storage, including cabinets and cupboards. Built-in storage that blends in with your walls will give your condo a clean and neat appearance. Some condo owners even store their refrigerators behind elegant built-ins for a seamless look.

Have Less Distracting Walls

If a plain wall is not your cup of tea, consider displaying one or a few items on your walls, such as photos or paintings. The important thing is to make your walls less distracting and more relaxing for you and everyone else. If you want to add a pop of color to your wall, it is best to hang just one item and let it be the focal point of your unit.

Give Importance to Lighting

Light is abundant in minimalism, applying both to natural and artificial light. If your condo has limited windows that allow natural light to pass through, install lighting fixtures with modern and simplistic designs to illuminate your house. When your condo is well-lit, your condo will appear larger.

Display for Inspiration and Easy Access

Having an Asian minimalist condo does not mean you have everything kept out of sight for a more relaxing look. You can display several items for inspiration and easy access. If you have a wall of shelves at home, you can place some things on your shelves, such as decors and items you frequently use, including books. In addition, you can also use beautiful containers to store away other items you often use, such as your keys.

Have Asian Calligraphy Designs on a Wall

Suppose wood elements, plants, and other natural materials are not your style. In that case, you can still achieve an Asian minimalist condo design by dedicating a wall to display Asian calligraphy interior design. This wall can serve as the focal point of your condo and can be a good conversation starter when you welcome your guests.

There are different ways you can achieve an Asian minimalist condo design. What matters is knowing what you like and what you have or is within your budget so that you can work with what you have and not overspend when you redesign your condo home.

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