The Unwritten Rules of Condo Living: Condo Etiquette Before Moving Into Your New Home

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We all want to live in a good neighborhood, one where we’ll feel comfortable, safe and well-rested after a long day at work. Traditionally, a good neighborhood would be an image of neighbors greeting each other while tending to their lawns, talking about how their families are doing while washing their cars, or walking the dogs outside. 

With the rise of condo-living, this image is now somewhat altered. When you live in relatively closer proximity to each other, the sensitivities now transcend beyond not parking your car in front of their gate or making sure your pets do not relieve themselves on their yard. Being a good condo owner and neighbor doesn’t only mean you take care of the inside of your unitit now also means you participate in making sure your shared space with your neighbors is pleasant for daily use as much as you can. 

Before settling into your new condo home, it pays to have these tips in mind: 

Be pleasant and respectful when you bump into your neighbors

Yes, we recognize this rule is as basic as it gets but we’re pretty sure we all have that neighbor who just can’t throw a smile on anyone’s way, or plainly ignores you when you greet them good morning. Nobody likes living with a person like that, and the truth is, it’s actually easy to NOT be that person. When the time comes that you have an emergency, you’ll discover how important it is that the people living next to you would be more than willing to help you out. 

Be careful about your noise levels

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Even when you live in a gated subdivision, noise is always a source of stress and more so when you live in a condominium. Tenants are usually free to host house parties, but remember that a group of five people all laughing out loud late at night is likely to wake-up a sleeping neighbor in the next unit. Condo associations often have rules regarding noise, and better to familiarize yourself before moving in. 

Recognize that condo personnel are there to serve everyone and not just your needs

One of the advantages of living in a condo is that there are people to help you with security, plumbing problems and even food deliveries. But remember: the service they provide is for everyone who lives in the building, not just you. Do not expect that they’re at your beck and call at a moment’s notice. They are there to make the building a pleasant place for everyone, and you do not have to make their work harder than it’s supposed to be. You’ll find that being pleasant to them is beneficial for everyone, including you. 

Segregate your garbage and know the rules with regards to disposal

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Condo associations always have a rulebook and included in there are guidelines on how to dispose of garbage properly. Most of the time, tenants are now required to segregate their trash and there will be scheduled pickups. Nobody would appreciate someone’s garbage stinking up the entire floor, so better if you know what day or time garbage is collected so it won’t end up sitting on the premises for too long. 

Know where your kids can roam around freely

As condo living means limited space inside the unit, having kids would require taking them outside to play or for a walk. Even before moving in, identify with your kids and their caretakers where they can go outside to play lest they end up playing in the hallway outside your unit, potentially disturbing your next-door neighbors. It’s also for their safety as most of the time, areas that are okay for them to play and roam around in would be well-lit and not somewhere cars would normally pass by. 

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