The Lamudi Family Goes Planking Beyond Borders for COVID-19

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Lamudi employees may be working from home, but the company is not letting this stop them from helping a cause — and staying healthy. What better way to combine the two than through the Global Plank Challenge? 

This Thursday, May 28, fifteen of its Philippine employees will be planking for a cause through their campaign, “Planking Beyond Borders for COVID-19.” The activity, which will be via Zoom, will see Lamudi’s competitive spirit help raise $5,000 for the benefit of its chosen charity.  

During the virtual event, Lamudi Philippines will be having a plank relay competition with Lamudi Mexico, Lamudi Indonesia, and Lamudi Global. Representatives from each team will simultaneously plank and the team who can hold the longest will win as one.

Healthy at Home

Since the start of community quarantine policies and work-from-home arrangements, Lamudi has been encouraging employees across the globe to stay healthy to cope better with the health crisis. Internal newsletters include health bulletins, with tips on how to eat healthy, sleep well, ease cabin fever, and help vulnerable loved ones. Likewise, team leaders have checked in on each of their members, providing mental health support. It was all about staying healthy, while riding out the raging pandemic.

Last month, Lamudi Indonesia took the effort up a notch by introducing the Global Healthy Tuesdays campaign. Every Tuesday, Lamudi employees all over the world would go on Zoom and exercise together. Led by a certified fitness coach, Lamudians committed to different sorts of workout routines. 

In between jumping jacks and burpees, the team was able to strengthen not only their bodies and minds, but also their bond and affinity, despite the distance and time zone differences. After the sweat session, the obligatory #QuaranToned photos are taken.

The Lamudian effort to fight COVID-19 doesn’t stop here, though.

Planking Beyond Borders

Beyond encouraging employees to stay healthy at home, Lamudi decided to extend its initiatives into equipping others, those outside the organization, to fight the worsening pandemic. Introducing “Planking Beyond Borders for COVID-19,” Lamudi will be holding a planking competition among its employees across the globe to raise money to be donated to different charities in different countries. 

A relay tournament, the planking challenge entails representatives from the four team-countries (Global, Mexico, Indonesia, and the Philippines) holding a plank at the same time. Each of the teams has a captain: Kian Moini for Global, Jaume Molet for Mexico, Mart Polman for Indonesia, and Bhavna Suresh for the Philippines. 

Tasked to coordinate the efforts of their respective squads, these leaders will keep check of the person planking and alert the next representative to get ready and catch the relay. They will be the last one to plank when all of their members have done so.

The event will be held on Zoom, and other Lamudians can root for their team-countries’ representatives. At the end of the competition, there will be an awarding ceremony for the team winner and longest planker.

Together in the Fight Against COVID-19

Lamudi has set up an online page for the fundraising activity. Those interested to help the company reach $5,000 for its chosen charity organization can also donate through the following bank accounts of Lamudi Philippines:

Unionbank account 

Account Name: Lamudi Philippines, Inc. 
Account Number: 001790001022 

BDO Account 

Account Name: Lamudi Philippines, Inc. 
Account Number: 005420191378

Towards a Better, Consumer-Empowering Platform

Empowering people has been at the heart of Lamudi’s corporate philosophy. It has long been committed to improving its platform to further help property seekers and real estate professionals alike. Recently, Lamudi Global has been acquired by EMPG, one of the leading digital classified groups in the Middle East and North Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia regions, positioning it for growth and improvement opportunities.

Its new parent company has a huge portfolio of online property portals: Bayut in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Jordan; Zameen in Pakistan; in Bangladesh; and Mubawab in Morocco and Tunisia. Lamudi Global sees a promising collaboration given the new leadership, optimistic that they’re on to further expansion that will help the market across different countries better.


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