Tag, You Deserve It! Join Lamudi’s Last Mother’s Day Social Media Giveaway

The celebration of the legacy and influence of mothers continues at Lamudi. The country’s leading property platform is ending the month of May with another social media giveaway titled Tag, You Deserve It

Interested netizens can follow these simple mechanics to participate:

  1. Follow @lamudi_ph.
  2. Tag three of the best moms you know.

The promo will run from May 25 until June 3. On the last day of the promo, Lamudi will pick the lucky recipient of a Deerma vacuum cleaner via a raffle draw.

Celebrating Mothers’ Loving Legacy

Throughout the month of May, the property platform has been paying tribute to mothers, remembering their strength, resilience, and the life well-lived.

Earlier this month, Lamudi introduced the social media promo, Sabi ng Mama Ko: May Giveaway Ulitencouraging netizens to share their moms’ favorite line at home. Hundreds of social media users flocked to the post and commented their mothers’ mantras, some funny and witty, and the others inspirational and full of wisdom. 

Meanwhile, on its LinkedIn page, Lamudi featured some of the company’s supermoms who have shown hard work and commitment in their profession and their family life. 

Easy Home Search for Busy Moms

More than the social media features and giveaway gifts, Lamudi ultimately desires to give moms an easy, hassle-free home buying experience. Mothers are often the busiest (and most stressed out) when searching for a new home. But with the help of modern property technology, they can make the entire experience less overwhelming and more organized.

To make the most of Lamudi as a home-finding tool, maximize these features:

Search Filters

If you already have a fixed set of property needs and wants, Lamudi’s search filters will be the most useful for you since they will let you specify what kind of a home you’re looking for. You can start with the offer type and property type. Are you looking for a property for sale or for rent? A house, a condo, or a vacant lot? Then, move to location. You may key in a region, city, or a specific area. 

To further narrow down the search results, include the price range of properties you’re considering. Lamudi hosts a range of properties, from affordable units priced below P2.5M to ultra-luxury housing priced at P30M and up

If you want to be more specific with the listing results, use the rest of the filters: the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, floor area, land size, amenity inclusions, and property subcategories. Save the properties you like by hitting the heart icon on the thumbnail of the property listing. Show them to your kids later on at your family meeting and make them excited about your new home.

Map View

If you’re open to different kinds of properties but are already set on a particular location, use Lamudi’s map view feature. Map view offers an overview of properties (and their prices) available in a certain area. Because the prices are shown, it’s easy to compare housing options in the location you’re eyeing. This is helpful, especially when you’re following a strict homebuying budget.

Again, save the properties you like. With consideration of those options and the Map View, you can easily plan your route when you decide to go to property viewings. You can enjoy an organized open house itinerary, even as you choose to take the kids with you.

Neighborhood Rating

For moms, neighborhoods are a huge consideration when buying a home, especially because communities have the power to influence children’s attitudes and behaviors. Parents would want their children to grow up in a safe, nurturing environment. If you’re already eyeing a particular neighborhood for your new home, you may want to consider checking out their neighborhood rating at Lamudi to see if they’re a family-friendly community.

Lamudi’s neighborhood rating evaluates a location on three major criteria points: environment, commuting, and places of interest. Under environment, people rate the neighborhood, roads, safety, and cleanliness. Under commuting, public transport, parking, connectivity, and traffic are considered. As for the place of interest, schools, restaurants, hospitals, and markets are assessed. The neighborhood ratings come from people who live, work, and frequent that location. Maximize this feature so you can move to an ideal, family-friendly community.

May was an eventful month for Lamudi as it celebrated the loving legacy of mothers. Join the property platform’s last Mother’s Day social media promo and win a special gift for your mom. 

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