Swimming Pool Maintenance Costs in the Philippines

Nothing screams luxury than having a swimming pool in your home as swimming pool construction in the Philippines can be pricey. Yes, you may find cost-effective pools; however, pool maintenance is as important as construction.\If you have a swimming pool, the cost of maintaining it each month will depend on your swimming pool’s size, pool design, system, and features. 

You can have a do-it-yourself approach when maintaining your pool if you have the time, enough workers, or are willing to invest in machinery that can lighten the load of maintaining your pool and your pool’s chemistry. Another option is hiring a professional pool service that can clean and maintain your pool weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Aside from the general upkeep and supplies, you will also spend money on utility fees and potential repairs.

The Basics of Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming pool equipment with chemical cleaning products and tools

A lot of people are excited to have a swimming pool at home. However, some are discouraged once the reality of maintenance sinks in. In reality, swimming pool maintenance is fairly simple. The key is knowing the proper steps to do so, especially if you plan to do it yourself or ask one of your home staff to do it for you instead of hiring a professional. 

Maintaining a swimming pool involves three Cs: 


The cycling of your water is done by your pool water pump and pool filter. Just make sure that your pool filter is cleaned properly. You can consult your pool filter supplier about how and how often you should clean your filter. 


This involves cleaning your pool by removing debris such as leaves, loose hair, insects, and the like. You should also remove the debris collected from your skimmer and pump baskets. Aside from this, you should also brush your pool’s walls and tiles to prevent dirt built-up and algae growth.


This involves calculating the amount of chlorine, muriatic acid, and other chemicals that should go in your pool to maintain its cleanliness. You can purchase swimming pool chemical kits to help you determine your swimming pool’s chlorine level, PH level, and more. You should check your swimming pool’s water weekly. Maintaining your water chemistry properly balanced is essential to prevent a number of issues from arising, such as damage to your pool equipment, irritation to your skin and eyes while swimming, and reducing the lifespan of your pool liner.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Cost

A man with a net cleaning the pool

Different things contribute to the cost of your swimming pool maintenance. Note that this can vary depending on your swimming pool. Let’s say your swimming pool is 21 meters by 2.8 meters and 4 to 5 feet like the pool in Kryz Uy and Slater Young’s home. Here’s a rough estimate of how much you’ll spend on maintaining your pool on a monthly basis:

Swimming pool pump (running 8 hours per day) PhP 1,500 (on utilities)
Swimming pool chlorine tablets (around 7 pieces per month) PhP 700
Water (maintaining your swimming pool’s water level in times that water evaporates, especially if it is an outdoor pool)  PhP 200
Muriatic Acid PhP 100
Fee for professional swimming pool cleaner PhP 3,500 (average)
TOTAL PhP 6,000 per month

In his vlog, Slater Young shared that investing in a costly but very useful swimming pool cleaning robot is practical. From PhP 6,000 per month, their monthly swimming pool maintenance cost drastically went down to PhP 2,500 because they didn’t need to hire a professional to do the work for them. The robot has bristles and a vacuum that can suck all the dirt from the swimming pool, leaving the netting of bigger, floating debris as the minimal work they have to do daily. Even if they use it daily to clean their pool, it does not use much energy. 

Final Thoughts

Again, no pool is alike, so expect that the cost of maintaining your swimming pool at home will vary from others. It is entirely up to you if, like Slater Young, you would consider investing in a cleaning robot, hiring professional help, or doing the work yourself with your family or house helpers.

When you make it a goal to clean and maintain your swimming pool regularly, you make this fantastic amenity in your home comfortable and safe for everyone to enjoy. Dedication to maintenance also prolongs your swimming pool’s life and holds off any needed repairs. After the hard work is done, you will indeed find it enjoyable to admire your swimming pool and take a dip in it.

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