The Most Successful Digital Marketing Strategies

With more people going online to search for properties, especially in the time of the pandemic, brokers are stepping up their game by improving their digital presence. Perhaps you yourself wrote client testimonials on your social media profile or listed properties in virtual real estate marketplaces. Still, you’re curious as to which strategies are most effective when it comes to marketing online. 

Every smart broker wants to know this not only to increase their chances of winning more clients, but also to be strategic in dedicating budget, time, and effort. With that, we outlined here the most effective digital marketing strategies that will definitely be worth your investment:


These are seminars on the web. Aimed to empower property seekers and fellow brokers, you share insights about the real estate sector, tips and tricks for buying or selling Pag-IBIG properties, and anything related to the industry. In this digital marketing strategy, you get to establish your credibility as a thought leader. It goes without saying that you should have a platform to broadcast and organize this kind of online event. 

In a nutshell: Present educational topics through a digital seminar
Success indicators: number of views and engagement rate
Reminder: If you can’t create your own webinar, join as a guest speaker or contributor to webinars from leaders in the industry.

Video Marketing

Videos are big. A lot more people are watching videos online rather than on television. What’s more, they consume these kinds of content on all social platforms, not only in video-based networks such as Youtube and Tiktok, but also on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. With this growing popularity, video marketing must be part of your digital campaign. In a nutshell, videos must either appeal to the mind (informative) or to the heart (inspiring or exciting).

Create a slideshow of photos showing off different spaces of the house and lot for sale in San Pedro, Laguna. Better yet, broadcast a live online tour. Then, snap some snippets that you can post on Instagram or Facebook stories.

In a nutshell: Promote products through video content
Success indicators: number of views, engagement rate, among others
Reminder: The quality of the video you post will reflect on your property, so make sure every video posted is edited well.  

Content Marketing (Blogging & Article Writing) 

This involves blogging and writing articles. Aside from boosting the rank of your website on the search engine results page, this strategy can also improve your credibility in the industry, especially when you write think pieces, say, about market trends or the latest real estate hotspots. It can help you connect with your audience and create awareness of your personal brand, emphasizing client testimonials, for example.

In a nutshell: Produce content that is relevant to a specific audience
Success indicators: number of page views and engagement rate
Reminder: Quality is important when you are writing content. Make sure you create well-researched pieces. 

Downloadable Content Offerings 

This includes producing eBooks and whitepapers. Audiences who are interested would have to fill out a form to get a copy of the downloadable content. In a way, this digital marketing strategy is a barter. While you provide a good e-book covering different real estate topics, such as foreclosed properties for sale, your audience gives you their email addresses. This then can help you build your contact list for the next digital marketing strategy mentioned below.

In a nutshell: Produce content that generates leads
Success indicators: number of downloads
Reminder: When providing content that requires readers to download, they expect the quality of data to be good. Make sure you are providing information that they will find valuable. 

Email Marketing

This involves sending emails to clients and prospective clients. It can help you build rapport with the market, as you send personalized or targeted messages. At the same time, you can boost your chance of securing a deal when you announce promos or discounts on pre-selling condos, for example.

In a nutshell: Send emails to a targeted audience
Success indicators: open rate and click-through rate
Reminder: The schedule of sending your email can make a difference in how it is received by your prospective clients. 

Social Media Marketing

This probably needs no introduction. This strategy involves creating and sharing content on social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It creates brand awareness and makes you more relatable to audiences. 

An effective social media page includes different types of content, photos, videos, links, infographics, gifs, and more, published regularly. Fill your social media page with high-quality images of the rooms of the property you are selling. Link a blog about a client’s home buying experience.

In a nutshell: Publish content on social media platforms
Success indicators: number of page fans, post comments, likes, and shares
Reminder: The content you post on each social media platform should be different, as there are different expectations from users of each platform. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The name may sound complicated, but SEO is simply the practice of improving your website in terms of quality and quantity of website traffic. Your goal primarily in this strategy is to have your website land on the top spot of the first page of the search engine results when they search for their property needs, say, house and lot for sale in Pangasinan or pre-selling condo, so that you can get the most clicks and by extension, traffic. 

You improve your website through various means, according to how Google ranks websites. Among other factors, quality content is what matters to the search engine (and to the readers), which is why it’s important to publish fresh, relevant content regularly. Your website should also be mobile-friendly. With an improved user experience, it will be compliant with Google’s algorithms and increase retention or dwell time.

In a nutshell: Increase your visibility in organic search
Success indicators: keyword ranking increases
Reminder: SEO needs to be nurtured over a long period of time. Be patient when building your content for SEO. 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

While SEO capitalizes on organic clicks, PPC, by its term, “buys” visits to the website. The way this works is you bid for ad placement in the search engine. Google shows your ad when a keyword related to your property offerings is searched, say, house and lot for sale in San Pedro, Laguna or beach house in Batangas. When your ad is clicked, directing a user to your website, you pay Google. PPC can be a worthwhile investment if you carefully research the keyword you’re bidding on.

In a nutshell: Increase website visibility through paid search
Success indicators: cost per click and click-through rate
Reminder: With PPC, you will need to set a budget and pay close attention to your ad spending

The competition for the attention of property seekers online is tough. Use these tried-and-tested tactics or join a platform that uses a combination of these digital marketing strategies to build your clientele and seal business deals. 


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