Suburban Community: The Perfect Address for People Moving Out of the Metro

Amid the new normal lifestyle of doing everything at home, people caught the zip code envy for places outside Metro Manila. Out in the provinces, houses have more living spaces, while the communities have more open, green areas, where you can find peace and quiet and recreation. With celebrities and influencers posting about their great move to the provinces, living carefree and happy, spending their afternoons at the nearby beach or playing with kids in their huge backyards, the yearning for life outside the metro grows stronger. 

For most overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), the peace and quiet of provincial living is the most ideal lifestyle. Some, however, hesitate to take the plunge since the relocation entails major adjustment. But the truth is, your life outside the metro doesn’t have to be a huge departure from your life in the city. You simply have to be smart in finding a good location. In this matter, the suburbs are the perfect choice.

A Modern, Citified Province

Over the years, the provinces near Metro Manila have become urbanized as a result of spillover development. Cavite, for one, has seen a lot of modernization in the form of new infrastructure, massive factories, sprawling malls, and more. While it’s known as the Historical Capital of the Philippines, it’s also one of the most industrialized provinces in the country. 

Cavite is an ideal residential address when you want to embrace a tranquil lifestyle outside the metro, without giving up the modern comforts of city life. In the progressive town of Tanza, you’ll find a picturesque, family-friendly village that gives you the best of suburban living: Las Brisas at Tierra del Sol by Solar Resources, Inc. If you’re an OFW looking for your forever home outside the metro, choose a suburban community, an address that boasts of a fusion of the urban and provincial.

The Comfortable Suburban Life

In the nine-hectare residential enclave of Las Brisas at Tierra del Sol, modernity meets tranquility. Strategically located between the bustling districts of Trece Martires and Tanza, it is surrounded by essential establishments that support a lifestyle of convenience. For one, it’s highly accessible from Manila via the Manila-Cavite Expressway (CAVITEX), the Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALAX), and the soon-to-be-completed LRT-1 Cavite Extension.

The modern village is likewise a short driving distance from retail centers, including SM City Trece, Tower Mall Trece, and Trece Martires Public Market. Top-notch hospitals, such as the MV Santiago Medical Center and Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Memorial Hospital, are nearby. Similarly, there are plenty of prestigious schools around, including New Generation International School, Krislizz International Academy, and Notre Dame of Trece Martires. Moving to Las Brisas at Tierra del Sol, you can still experience the same convenience of running errands just like in the city.

Las Brisas at Tierra del Sol Club House – Actual Photo

While the surrounding community offers modern conveniences, the neighborhood within allows residents to discover modern comforts that elevate a family’s lifestyle. When you come home during the holidays, you can maximize family bonding at the community’s leisure amenities. 

Las Brisas at Tierra del Sol Swimming Pool – Actual Photo

Spend an afternoon swimming at the pool or have a one-on-one match with your teen at the basketball court. Lounge around the clubhouse as your younger children have fun at the playground. All around the community, you’ll breathe in fresh air, a delightful respite from the fast-paced modern world. 

Home Sweet Home

It’s not just the location and neighborhood amenities that make suburban communities the ideal home outside the metro. The actual houses inside these residential enclaves are perfect for families who want to embrace peace and quiet, while having a semblance of city life. 

In Las Brisas at Tierra del Sol, the individual units feature a modern-contemporary design. The Zelia house model, a single-attached home, has three bedrooms and two baths, as well as a garage. It has a gross floor area of 112.5 square meters and a lot area of 72 square meters. Maximizing the available space, the unit features an open floor plan.

Las Brisas at Tierra del Sol’s Unit – Actual Photo

With ample living spaces, your family will have a designated area for everything: work, study, recreation, and relaxation. Even though you’re miles away from home, you can rest assured that the design of your home perfectly complements the modern new normal lifestyle.

Aside from functional spaces, the house models have impressive vertical windows that let in natural light during the day and offer peaceful views of the neighborhood at night. It also features a balcony, where you can sit, relax, and enjoy the green surroundings around your home sweet home.

Suburban communities are the perfect address for people who want to relish provincial living without surrendering the comforts of city life. Give your family the home and lifestyle they dream of. 

If you want to know more about Las Brisas at Tierra del Sol and the ideal suburban living it offers, visit the development by Solar Resources, Inc. at the Lamudi Online Housing Fair.


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