How to Show Properties at Night

The property showing is one of the most important interactions brokers will have with their clients. It’s often the make or break of a sale. For the most part, the preparation is simple and straightforward: depersonalize, declutter, and stage the space. With the pandemic, however, viewings have become a little more challenging, considering the travel restrictions and physical distancing that need to be observed. This is why some professionals are adopting out-of-the-box, creative solutions, including property viewings at night.

Done on an appointment basis, nighttime showings would allow both property seekers and brokers to take advantage of encountering fewer people on their trip to the site. This also allows essentials workers time outside their work hours to view their potential new place. The challenge is how to present the property under such different conditions.

How do you show it at night, in the best light possible? Try these strategies:

Switch the Lights on

The best approach is to light the property properly to increase its visibility. More than the practical benefit, this move can also make an excellent impression, especially when the property you’re selling is already equipped with different kinds of lighting.

Lighting on the pathways and steps on the yard and facade can highlight the unique architectural features of the property, while creating a dramatic, solemn mood. Inside the house or condo unit, the pin lights at the corners of the room will not just add visibility to dark areas, but also build a cozy ambiance. Aside from artificial lighting, use some candles. Just make sure that it’s in a safe, visible place that it won’t be knocked over or forgotten.

Sell the Space

During daytime, it’s easier to appreciate the space available in the rooms. In fact, some would appear bigger than they are, giving more reasons for buyers to consider the home. In contrast, during the evening, the shadows cast can make the space look cramped. This is why it’s important to be more hardworking when it comes to highlighting the space, on top of lighting up the room.

As you go to different rooms, mention dimensions. If you have a bigger space, compare its specs to other similar units sold in the market. Talk about the smart layout and storage solutions that maximize the available space.

Highlight the Safety Features

The evening schedule of property viewings gives you the opportunity to emphasize the safety features of the home and the neighborhood. While touring the house, mention the dead-bolt locks, video surveillance system, motion detectors, and other security amenities. 

Include the services provided by the community itself. Are there guards roaming around the village or the condo building every hour or so? What’s the policy like for guests entering the neighborhood? Highlight the fact that when your clients choose to move in, they don’t have to worry about security.

… and the Privacy

While you’re on the subject of safety and security, don’t forget the privacy features of the home. Small details, such as fences and blackout window treatments, are worth mentioning. In the same way that you talked about the security in the neighborhood, point out the peace and quiet as well: no wild parties, disturbing karaoke sessions, or loud dog barks at night. 

Talk about the nightly routines of the other residents, perhaps eating dinner at 7PM, getting ready for bed at 9PM, and turning the lights off at 10PM. With this, you’re not only giving your clients the reassurance of privacy, but also letting them imagine living in the community with their future neighbors.

Showcase the View

Nighttime property showings are particularly ideal for homes that have panoramic views. You’ll be able to show off the city lights, as well as the vast, star-filled skies. If your property has this feature, make sure to highlight this in your property showing. Save it for last, if possible, so it will be the last thing you’ll leave with clients. Then, perhaps linger around that backyard or balcony, share a glass of wine, while taking in the view.

Nighttime property viewings are a new approach to selling real estate in this new normal. If you’ve already tried online presentations and virtual tours, maybe it’s time to take on another novel tactic. Go out and meet your clients again with safety as the priority.

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