4 Self-Care Essentials for Busy Millennials

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Do you have a side gig on top of your full-time job? Are you struggling with blurry work-life boundaries? A resounding yes to both questions qualifies you as a busy millennial. 

Known for being a productive generation, millennials are sometimes challenged by busy schedules that keep them from achieving work-life balance. In relation to this, figuring out how to incorporate self-care is an added dilemma for busy people.


Self-care, however, doesn’t have to be time-consuming or difficult, especially when you have these essentials: 

A Time and Place for Mental Health Check-in 

Create a sense of serenity when you move into the Fiorenza house model at Suntrust Verona (Actual Photo).

In your workplace, remember how you have meetings and deadlines added to your calendar? You can do the same for your self-care routines. Scheduling time for relaxation shows that you’re willing to make it a priority.

When you prioritize self-care, it leads to taking actions that support your decision. Besides, adding “me time” to your calendar, you start looking for a place where you can check in on your mental health. 

In communities like Suntrust Verona, where homes are designed to have ample floor space, residents are given the privacy to check on themselves. By setting up a home office, they can start or end their work day by reflecting on their challenges and opportunities. In their spacious bedrooms, they can also dedicate a nook for journaling their thoughts, feelings, and goals.

Exercise Equipment

Exercising is one of the many ways you can improve your health and overall well-being. It’s also something that you can incorporate into your self-care routine.

You can start by doing workouts that you genuinely enjoy. The goal is to have fun while breaking a sweat. If you like aerobic activities, you can follow a workout routine using a skipping rope, exercise mat, and hoops.

In your future home at Suntrust Verona, you can also have an indoor gym with additional equipment, such as a stationary bike, treadmill, and aerobic step platform. 

Take time away from your normal routines and unwind at Suntrust Verona’s clubhouse (Actual Photo).

Additionally, you can experience the fun of exercising outdoors at Suntrust Verona. The 62-hectare community has its own swimming pool, clubhouse, basketball court, and hiking trail. The Italian-inspired features will also encourage you to take a stroll. Suntrust Verona has an Italian-themed nature park, bridgeways, and a love lock garden, filling the community with charm and elegance.

Screen-Free Zones

When your attention is focused on screens most of the time, it’s possible to miss out on the fun and beauty surrounding us. Even as a hard-working millennial, you can still choose to have screen-free times by setting up screen-free zones inside your home. 

For example, your bedroom at Suntrust Verona can become a sanctuary by making it screen-free. It will be just a place to relax and sleep better or perhaps to meditate or do some light reading.

You can set up screen-free zones in other areas of your home. Identifying them also helps you find the purpose of each room. More importantly, it encourages you to become more mindful of your time use. 

A Space for Personal Pursuits 

Enjoy meaningful activities in the spacious Luciana house model at Suntrust Verona (Actual Photo).

Make time and space for your passions by having a hobby room. It’s a self-care idea that encourages you to break away from your work and the monotony of daily schedules. At Suntrust Verona, you’ll find a variety of single-detached and duplex homes that can cater to various hobbies and interests. 

All house models in this community by Suntrust Properties, Inc. have a balcony where you can take up gardening as a hobby. You can grow herbs, vegetables, small shrubs, and succulents in your balcony garden. 

However, if you’re someone who doesn’t have creative outlets at work, engaging in hobbies like writing, cake decorating, knitting, or painting will help you tap into your creative side. Your home at Suntust Verona can be designed for a well-rounded life by making space for meaningful and relaxing hobbies. 

Houses and lots at Suntrust Verona have a lot area measuring 88 to 176 square meters. With three to five bedrooms and ample indoor and outdoor space, they provide places to unwind and prioritize self-care. Unit prices range from Php 5.5 million to Php 11.7 million. 

Suntrust Verona is in Silang, Cavite, conveniently close to hospitals, schools, industrial zones, and leisure destinations of southern Luzon. It’s a community built for you to enjoy a more relaxed pace without losing access to essentials. 

Discover your #SuntrustHome at Suntrust Verona and the ways it can help you take good care of yourself. 



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