Travel Guide to San Victor Island, Davao Oriental

When you hear the coast of Davao, Samal and its tiny neighbor Talikud are the most famous. However, on the east side of Davao Coast, one of the unknown islands is waiting to be discovered: San Victor Island. This charming island is located five minutes from Baganga and is owned and managed by the Divine Mercy Chapel.

Before, the island of San Victor served as an accommodation for retreatants. However, as more people gained interested in its beauty, the management opened it to the public. That way, local and foreign guests can see and experience what it offers. If you are looking for a secluded island to spend your vacation on the coast of Davao, don’t miss out on San Victor Island.

What San Victor Island Has in Store for You

San Victor Island is a three-hectare tropical destination covered with coconut, Talisay, and mangrove trees. It faces the Pacific Ocean and is teeming with rich marine life. The corals on the beach of are healthy, which is why it is home to diverse marine creatures, including various breeds of fish and crustaceans. Dolphins, green sea turtles, and sharks also commonly swim freely in the island’s waters.

The island is relatively small, so while you’re here, you can easily explore and do various activities. Since San Victor Island is peaceful, it is perfect you want to unwind and detox from the bustle of city living. It is best to visit here from June to October.

Aside from taking day tours, visitors on the island can also celebrate small events like birthdays and anniversaries. Rental houses and team building facilities are also available for companies and corporate gatherings. Guests can rent spacious cottages, although those planning to stay overnight need to provide tents or rent one. In addition, make sure to bring your own food and water. 

How to Reach San Victor Island

If you are coming from Davao City, take a bus bound for Baganga at the Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (DCOTT). The travel time will take around six hours, and the bus fare will range from PhP 300 to PhP 700. 

Once you reach Baganga’s town proper, ride a habal-habal or motorcycle going to Barangay San Victor. Upon arrival, look for the registration area of San Victor Island and pay the PhP 110 entrance fee. This is inclusive of your back and forth boat ride fare. After a five-minute boat ride, you will reach the island. 

You can also drive your private car to Barangay San Victor or rent a private car. 

Paid parking spaces are available at the registration area where you can leave your vehicle during your visit to the island.

Mindanao’s Hidden Treasure

San Victor Island is one of the must-visit islands in Mindanao. Despite its underrated beauty, more people are starting to appreciate and realize the beauty of the island. Its small and relatively secluded location is perfect for tourists who want a change of scenery.

When visiting San Victor, make sure to practive the “leave no trace” policy. Make sure not to throw your trash anywhere to help maintain its beauty and cleanliness that you and other tourists and locals can enjoy.

Photo from Davao Oriental Official Website


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