Sabi ng Mama Ko: Lamudi’s May Giveaway and Home Design Recos Moms Will Love

For Lamudi, the celebration of mother’s day doesn’t end on May 8. Honoring the patience, strength, and sacrifice of these wonder women can’t be confined to one single day. For this reason, the real estate platform has launched a giveaway contest encouraging children, both young and old, to share what it’s like to live with their moms. 

May Giveaway Dedicated to Moms

Taking cues from a humorous, viral meme, Lamudi introduces the promo Sabi ng Mama Ko, May Giveaway Ulit. The promo runs until May 27, 2022, giving interested participants ample time to join.

These are the three-step mechanics of the giveaway contest:

  1. Comment on this post a phrase na paboritong sabihin ni Mama sa bahay.
  2. Tag mo Mama mo sa post na ‘to. 
  3. Share it on your Facebook profiles.

Three (3) participants will be picked for the P500 Watsons gift cards, and one (1) for the Condura low-carb rice cooker.

Home Design Recos Moms Love

Moms are called the “ilaw ng tahanan” for bringing warmth and joy to the family. But quite literally, they also light up the home because of their interior design ideas. They fill rooms with their cross-stitch art, display fine china on open shelves (but never to be used until the next big occasion), and show off family vacation and children’s graduation pictures in all areas of the house.

This May, aside from joining Lamudi’s giveaway contest to bring home exciting gifts for your mom, return to her the delight of a beautiful, amazing home by following these home design recommendations:

Set Up Storage Solutions Everywhere

Mothers like to keep things organized. When they’re not decluttering or tossing things out, you’ll find them arranging and rearranging stuff in different areas of the house. Make things easy for mom by having all kinds of high-quality storage solutions: cabinets, chests, baskets, drawers, dividers in drawers. Opt for those that can hide away visual clutter. Skip the open shelves. 

Perhaps it’s time to give her a mini pantry space, where she can decant food items and keep them in air-tight containers with labels. If your mom spends a lot of her time cooking and baking, she’ll definitely appreciate this room, even if it’s a small space.

Give a Touch of Luxury to Her Bedroom or Bathroom

For all the good things and sacrifices they’ve done for us, moms deserve a good rest. That said, make her bedroom and bathroom a relaxing oasis, one that she’ll love being in after a long, hard day. 

Here are some budget-friendly ways you can amp up the luxury ambience in the space:

  • Use neutral, monochromatic tones. Apply this tip on the bed and curtains in the bedroom, and the walls of the bathroom. If possible, go all-white. By doing this simple move, you can achieve a hotel-like atmosphere in the space. 
  • Upgrade the fabrics. This includes bedsheets, pillowcases, comforters, blankets, bathroom towels, and robes. Splurge on these pieces. A lot of luxury hotels in the country sell such items, with some offering huge discounts on special occasions. Watch out for those promos so you can buy in bulk.
  • Add accent pieces. It can be a custom headboard or bathroom mirror, designed according to your mother’s aesthetic preference. Add some accent lighting near these pieces to highlight them further.

Don’t Forget the ‘Add-on Spaces’

Your mom has certainly grown to love “add-on spaces” at your home amid the pandemic. If she developed the hobby of plant parenting just like most people, her favorite place must be the garden. Or now that the pandemic restrictions are easing, she probably missed hosting dinner parties at your backyard with your extended family. If you’re splurging on a major renovation project in honor of your mom, do it at these spaces that matter to her.

Aside from these leisure areas, you shouldn’t forget the new essentials, including your mother’s home office. Maybe you can invest in a height-adjustable standing desk or ergonomic chair. Or perhaps, you can buy her a green screen background that she can use for all her online meetings.

Use these design moves to honor your mom and celebrate her life. As an extra gift, win special items for her at the Lamudi giveaway contest. To participate, visit this Facebook post.


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