What You Need to Know about Rowhouses in the Philippines

Homeownership remains to be the ultimate dream for many Filipinos. The pandemic, which further highlighted the importance of having a safe, decent home, compelled people to explore the property market and buy their own place. 

Millennials, for instance, who had long been holding off home purchase, have been crossing over to homeownership amid the health crisis. Similarly, the Gen Z were driving significant demand for certain types of properties on Lamudi in the first quarter of 2021. 

The thing is, the Filipino’s homeownership dream can be a reality given the affordable housing options available in the market today. The most popular choice is rowhouses, which you typically would see in advertisements like murang bentahan ng bahay at lupa sa Cavite. If you want to be a homeowner yourself without compromising your financial stability, consider this type of property for your first purchase. 

Here’s what you need to know about rowhouses in the Philippines:

Rowhouses Are Attached to Each Other

What exactly are rowhouses? As the name suggests, these are identical properties laid out in rows, joined together by their side walls. Typically, there are four to 10 units per row or street in a rowhouse development. The units can be a single-, two-, or three-story home. 

While some projects are initiated by the national or local government, others are built by private developers. Here are some of the communities on Lamudi that feature rowhouse units:

Rowhouses Can Be Sold for as Low as P450K

As mentioned, rowhouses are among the most affordable housing options in the market. They can range from P450K to P1.5M, with the monthly payment going as low as P5K. The typical floor area in rowhouse units measure from 20 square meters up to a maximum of 50 sqm. They feature one bedroom and one bath, as well as basic amenities, including the living area, dining area, and kitchen. To maximize the compact space, some rowhouse units are loft-type. These are usually priced around P1M. 

If you’re planning to buy rowhouse units, considering the murang bentahan ng bahay at lupa sa Cavite, explore the financing programs provided by the government and see if you qualify. It will make homeownership more accessible to you.

Rowhouses Don’t Require Too Much Maintenance

As mentioned, rowhouses are compact units, and they have limited outdoor space, considering that the side walls of the property are attached to each other. This makes maintaining the property easier. You won’t have to spend an entire day cleaning rooms or trimming grass in the yard. 

The low-maintenance perk of rowhouses makes for a good first home. You won’t be overwhelmed with the responsibilities of being a new homeowner, and you’ll be able to savor its perks.

Rowhouses Promote a Tight-Knit Community

For some people, the shared walls in rowhouse developments may be bothersome. But there are aspiring homeowners who don’t mind this, as it allows them to form close relationships with neighbors. 

The proximity of properties lends peace of mind to homeowners. Since everyone knows each other, it’s easy to spot unfamiliar faces in the neighborhood, and report if ever there are any suspicious activities. On days when you’re going away on a vacation for a long time, you can easily ask your neighbors to keep an eye on your property.

This kind of tight-knit community is also formed in the leisure spaces available in rowhouse developments. For example, in Metrogate San Jose in Bulacan, neighbors can bond with each other at the basketball court, while the kids have fun at the playground. Bria Homes General Santos has the same amenities, as well as a jogging path, allowing residents to get fit together.

Your dream of owning a home can be a reality without ruining your financial stability. With the abundance of rowhouses in key locations in the country, including murang bentahan ng bahay at lupa sa Cavite, you can soon be a proud homeowner. 

Start your search for affordable properties today. 


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