Here’s What Robi Domingo’s and Wil Dasovich’s Celebrity Homes Look Like

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Considered as a concrete testament of hard work, homes are seen as one of their biggest achievements of celebrities. This is true for award-winning television host Robi Domingo and popular content creator Wil Dasovich, who recently published a condo tour vlog in their respective Youtube channels.

Domingo, within the first few minutes of the video, called his home as the “fruit of his labor,” while Dasovich is seen shouting, “We made it, mom!” at the vlog intro. It’s true that there’s a profound sense of satisfaction living at the home sweet home built from one’s blood, sweat, and tears.

A TV Host’s Personality-Oriented Condo

Purchased in 2016, Domingo’s home, a two-bedroom condo unit, was customized and finished just this year. One of the first things he highlighted in the vlog was an accent wall that has a huge, vintage clock displayed in it. The timepiece is sentimental to him, as it came from Pulilan, Bulacan, from his relatives he endearingly mentioned as Tito Jun and Tita Pinky. Turning to the console table near the wall, he called the area his ‘religious spot,’ as it holds Catholic relics, from rosary to saint figurines. He shared that he specifically arranged that spot near the door of the condo unit, so he will feel blessed before he goes out and whenever he enters the house. 

In the kitchen area, he showed off his fridge, decorated with different magnets from all over the world. Domingo revealed that he liked to collect such souvenirs and display them there. He also shared that he likes cooking quick, easy breakfast.

The ex-PBB housemate’s bedroom, on the other hand, is a place for “peace and serenity,” as he puts it. The bed is covered with clean, light-gray linens, adorned with a dark brown frame. All around it, everything’s white, except for two sections of the wall that have wallpapers with wooden textures in them. Looking up, you’ll see a visually interesting lighting fixture, which has a geometrical shape and nice patterns. Domingo’s bedroom is also where his fans’ and friends’ gifts are kept.

Panning to the dining area, the television host showed his four-chair dining table that sports earth colors. Domingo shares that this is the spot his folks frequent whenever they visit him, adding that as a family, they liked to drink coffee or tea.

Bonding with friends and reading are two of his favorite pastimes when he hangs out in the living room. He proudly shared the contents of his TV area, including his very first Anak TV award, Hokkaido’s smile ambassador plaque, PMPC’s Best New TV Personality recognition back in 2008, and a certificate of appreciation for his inspiring speech at Ted Talk. Aside from the awards, he also disclosed that he keeps a stash of oils and candles, as he liked their scents at home.

Connected to the sala is Domingo’s favorite part of the unit, one that he wanted to show off to his viewers: his very own bar. The area is furnished with a wine rack, a spacious counter, stools, and mood lighting. The PBB host has a collection of wines from different parts of the world, including Italy and France.

The last stop in Domingo’s condo tour is a special room where he says “the East meets West” as it reminds him of two places he loves in the world: Hokkaido and Brooklyn. The entire area has different textures. The metal and bricks are inspired by Brooklyn’s rugged, urban jungle feel, while the wood is reminiscent of the zen of Hokkaido.

A Vlogger’s “Playpen”

Prominent vlogger Wil Dasovich, on the other hand, was already living at his condo for about a year before he filmed the tour in his Youtube channel. Interestingly, the first thing to see when one enters the unit is the kitchen. The area sports an all-black motif, from counters and cabinets to appliances. Here, Dasovich gave tips for a healthy, nutritious lifestyle, including taking vitamins, drinking an apple cider mix, green tea or coffee, consuming the right fats, and including bone broth in his everyday breakfast. 

Opening a white divider, Dasovich revealed a concealed section of the house, which he calls the “fun room.” It’s the home office he shares with girlfriend Alodia Gosiengfiao. Speaking ironically, he compares his work area, which basically consists of a laptop and television, with his partner’s that has six screens, calling the set-up as a “balance of powers.”

Dasovich shows the equipment he frequently uses in his vlogging efforts: GoPros, cameras and lenses, drones, chargers, and Lume Cubes, lighting tools for content creators. He also showed some of his prized appliances and fixtures, including a Dyson electric fan-purifier and a $200 trash can

In the bathroom, the interiors are quite simple: white walls with a brown accent at the bottom section, glass enclosure, and floors that have earth colors. Dasovich “flexed” his collection of colored toilet paper, which he says are used by the famous couple Beyonce and Jay Z. 

The living room can be considered the star of the house, given its high ceiling. It gives off an open, airy feel while letting in a steady stream of natural light. Everything else–the walls and the floors–is basically white. Brick textures, however, can be seen in some sections of the walls. Dasovich shared his “Game of Thrones” shrine in one corner of the room and his favorite pastime while in the sala: doing yoga. At the end of the video, he said he doesn’t have much at his home, admitting that he himself is a minimalist.

It’s always nice to explore what home sweet home looks like for popular personalities. It’s like a peek into their world, a glance at what their lifestyle looks like. But what’s even nicer is seeing people reap the fruits of their labor, as it inspires all of us to work hard.


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