Amid Inflation Rate Hike, Real Estate is Still Top Investment According to Brokers

Last Updated on December 6, 2022 by Lamudi

Real estate is still a great investment despite the rise of the country’s inflation rate, brokers shared at the recently concluded Lamudi Link, held on November 16, 2022, at Avida Land Showroom, Glorietta in Makati City. 

According to the report of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), the country’s headline inflation rate stood at 7.7% in October 2022 from 6.9% in September 2022. This is the highest recorded figure since December 2008. 

Myr Eridani, Avida Land’s broker operations head, said, “Real estate is still a good choice [because] it’s stable, it appreciates, [and] you can hedge for inflation. [I]f you make your client understand that, I think you will be able to sell both vertical and horizontal projects.” 

On the other hand, Lyra Sanchez of Lyra Sanchez Realty Services shared that selling property amid the current inflation is an advantage. “‘Yung mga madaming naipon na nasa mga time deposit nila, nilalabas nila yung pera nila at bumibili sila ng real estate,” she said. (Home buyers who saved more money in their time deposit accounts use it to buy real estate.) 

Saving money is the first step in securing a stable future. The next step is to invest that money to further grow and prosper

From Simple Dreams to a Grand Reality

A rising realty royalty, Sanchez is the cover of BEST Magazine’s October issue where she is dubbed as the “Rising New Realtor Queen.” She was also featured in the Manila Times’ article, “A New Realtor Queen Rises.” 

“I have been exposed to the real estate [industry] since 1995. I was in first year college when my mom, a housewife, became a real estate broker,” Sanchez shared. 

On the other hand, Eridani entered the real estate industry when she joined Avida Land in 2011. She previously handled the sales operations of Visayas and Mindanao and the International team, as well as Avida’s Corporate and Digital assets. 

Now, Eridani is a licensed broker and the head of Broker Operations for Avida Land. “I’m really grateful to Avida Land because as soon as I joined, I really got that license,” she added.

Broker-Investors Add Credibility in Selling Properties

Different brokers have different practices that help them effectively sell a property and succeed in the business. As Avida Land’s broker operations head, Eridani shared that it is an added advantage if the agents themselves are also home investors. 

“They (property seekers) want to talk more to investors themselves than salespeople. [Because] when you’re trying to sell them something, it’s a whole different thing if you are really managing their investments, and you have credibility if you have your own (property),” Eridani added. 

Meanwhile, choosing to work with the best people is Sanchez’ golden rule as a broker. “I really choose the people I work with. It’s part of my problem prevention. Instead of always solving problems—instead of putting out fires—I prevent fires,” she said. 

The real estate industry is competitive, so it is important to cultivate hardworking and determined brokers to ensure a successful path in selling properties. 

Payment Solutions for Any Type of Home Seeker 

Having multiple options of payment terms and schemes makes property transactions smooth and fast. Brokers should also gauge and learn their clients’ budget to suggest the right payment option. 

Clients may choose to buy property through a housing loan. Sanchez’ realty service offers a pre-qualification process through a partner bank. Brokers can adapt this efficient practice to avoid hassle. 

“[I] have them pre-qualify for a loan for us to save time, energy, and effort of going through the whole process. I want them (property seekers) to take the first concrete step,” Sanchez said. 

Meanwhile, Avida Land offers flexible payment terms which are fit for first-time home buyers. “[W]e can sit with them (home seekers) and check how much they can really allocate for their first home,” Eridani said. If a client is interested in availing an Avida unit and turn it into a source of passive income, they also have a dedicated leasing service team that handles all the work. 

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