Real Estate Superstitions in the Philippines

The Philippines is a Christian country, but our pagan roots have influenced our beliefs and dependence on following superstitions for good luck and prosperity.

There’s nothing to lose when one follows Philippine real estate superstitions. Hence, many Filipinos follow them, from lot selection to moving in.

Coins, animal blood, and salt are among the items that are believed to bring good luck and ward off bad luck in one’s home.

The combination of Christianity and native religion of Filipino ancestors have made many Filipinos adhere to superstitious beliefs and folklore. Thinking that they’ve got nothing to lose and it’s better to be safe than sorry, plenty of Filipinos consult about real estate superstitions in the Philippines to make the right decisions when choosing, building, or moving into a new home.

If you want your home to be a source of luck and not misfortune, you might be wondering, what are the superstitious beliefs in houses in the Philippines? Here are some real estate superstitions in the country:

Real Estate Superstitions in the Philippines During Lot Selection

Superstitions in the Philippines During Lot Selection

Go for Squares, Rectangular and Trapezoidal Lots

Squares and rectangles are the best lot shapes to buy a lot for sale in your chosen location or subdivision. Since squares and rectangles have perfect proportions, building homes in these lots create a balanced and harmonious home. They are also efficient cuts of lots. 

You can also buy trapezoidal lots. However, depending on the orientation of your chosen lot, it could mean great wealth or poverty. If your lot is purse-shaped—has a small frontage and a wider back—it guarantees wealth and fortune according to Filipino superstitions.

However, dustpan-shaped lots, or a lot with a wider entrance and a smaller back, is believed to sweep away riches. 

Avoid Triangular Lots

According to superstition, the sharp corners of a triangular lot are an invitation to accidents and conflict in one’s household. Not to mention, a triangular lot is also often challenging for architects and designers. 

Avoid Dead-end Streets

For Kapampangans, buying lots and building your home at the end of a dead-end street may cause financial problems. In extreme cases, it may cause the death of a loved one.

Lucky snakes

If a snake happens to be in your new lot, real estate superstitions in the Philippines believe this is a sign of good luck. When you find one in your lot, be careful to remove them or call local authorities to assist. 

Real Estate Superstitions in the Philippines During Home Construction

Superstitions in the Philippines During Home Construction

Place Coins or Religious Medallions in the Foundation Posts

Religious medallions such as St. Benedict Medals and St. Joseph medallions guard against misfortune and assure success in construction. In addition, burying coins promises continuous wealth for the family.

To ensure the continuous flow of wealth into the home, bury coins under each stringer of the stairs. Don’t forget to bury coins on your doorstep to encourage steady cash flow. Newlyweds can use the coins from their wedding for this purpose. Make sure that the coins are facing up.

Chili and Salt, Plus Wine

Chili pepper and salt are often combined and placed under the posts to repel evil spirits and deter termites. Some Filipino real estate superstitions include pouring expensive wine at the foot of the excavation to please any entities living within the property.

Bury Books and Music Sheets

Burying old books under the structure may help children in the household to be knowledgeable. On the other hand, burying music sheets promotes harmony among family members.

Offer Chicken or Pig Blood

Chicken or pig blood is smeared on the home’s foundation to make the structure more solid. This can also help ward off evil spirits who may wreak havoc on the house.

Don’t Build a Solitary Post in the Middle of a Room

In Bataan, locals believe that a solitary post in the middle of the room can bring bad luck to the family. It is also a big eyesore in your home.

Observe Oro, Plata, Mata

The phrase Oro, Plata, Mata translates to Gold, Silver, and Death in Spanish. When designing your staircase in your home, make sure it does not have steps that are multiple of three. Oro, Plata, and Mata are also used to define every group of three steps in your stairs. If your staircase ends with either Oro or Plata, it is believed that you will have great fortune. However, if your staircase ends in Mata, it is believed to attract bad fortune for everyone living in the house. 

Pour Concrete as the Moon Approaches or During the Full Moon

Regarding Filipino real estate superstitions, many believe that lunar cycles are as important in home construction as they are in agriculture. Pouring concrete during a full moon or as the moon approaches being full is the best time to do so.

Turn Posts Clockwise

The Philippines is one of the countries that are prone to typhoons. To make your home resilient against typhoons, turn your posts clockwise as they are erected and fixed on the ground.

Real Estate Superstitions in the Philippines for Home Interior and Arrangement

Superstitions in the Philippines for Home Interior and Arrangement

Main Door Should Face the Rising Sun

When it comes to home orientation, the main door of one’s home should be on the East, toward the rising sun. This allows warmth and prosperity to enter the home.

Doors Should Not Face Each Other

When placing doors in rooms, ensure no interior doors face each other for good luck to flow into your home. Do avoid bedroom doors facing the stairwell. 

Mind Where Your Bed in Relation to Your Door

Proper positioning of your bed and your door according to Filipino superstition matters. When opening your bedroom door, make sure that the door isn’t facing the foot or the head of the bed because this resembles the coffin. The door should open to the side of the bed. 

Headboards Should Not Rest Against Window Openings

Everyone wants to live healthy and long. That said, ensure your headboard isn’t resting against any window openings. 

Locate Your Kitchen on the East

Kitchens should be on the east side of the house or the eastern portion of the room so the cook faces the morning sun. According to Filipino real estate superstitions, doing so ensures good fortune to those eating the meals prepared in the kitchen. It also makes food easier to prepare if natural light enters the kitchen.

Stairs Should Not Face East

In Bulacan, stairs facing the East count as bad luck. Similar to plants withering due to prolonged exposure to the sun, a staircase facing the East may dry the family’s health, wealth, and livelihood.

Don’t Place Toilets Near the Kitchen

Aside from sanitary reasons, don’t put the kitchen and toilet together to avoid disrespecting the sacredness of food.

Don’t Place Mirrors Across the Main Door

When good luck enters your home through the main door, a mirror across can deflect it, driving away good luck.

Real Estate Superstitions in the Philippines During Move-In

Superstitions in the Philippines During Move-In

Plan the Day of Your Move In

Avoid moving into your new home on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Fridays, as these days are often assigned to sorrowful mysteries. Moving in during Holy Week, Undas (All Saints’ Day), December 31st, and Ghost Month are also bad luck for homeowners.

Move In at Dawn

Once you’ve chosen the best date to move into your home, remember that you should move in at dawn. This signals the start of a new day and may guarantee a prosperous beginning in the new household.

Items to Bring In First

What is the superstition for a new house in the Philippines? Another superstition under this list is that before bringing things into your home, you should bring in the following items to assure health and happiness:

  • Salt
  • Vinegar
  • Soy Sauce
  • Uncooked Rice
  • Sugar
  • Glass of Water
  • Coins

Bring these items one at a time. Ensure they are inside a container and that the container is full, regardless of size. Place them in a secluded but visible corner of your kitchen cabinet, and ensure they are always filled. That way, your home is always full of good graces.

These are just 22 of the many real estate superstitions in the Philippines. Since these superstitions have no scientific backing, it’s up to you to follow them. After all, you’d only ant the best for your home. That said, make home constructions decision that will benefit you and your family.

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