From Traditional to Digital: 4 Ways Proptech Makes You More Productive

Proptech has become one of the most revolutionary tools in the real estate industry in the modern age. In the recently concluded Lamudi Virtual Broker Awards, Warren Rafal, Broker at DMCI Holdings, Inc. said that joining Lamudi proved to be beneficial in boosting their productivity on a daily basis.

“About 90% of our production comes from internet ads and Lamudi is the biggest portion of that […] Lamudi is one of the best websites [that] provide professional connections between us, the brokers, and the clients,” he said.

Before online real estate portals became the norm for real estate practitioners, flyering has been the most common method for attracting property seekers. This strategy takes a lot of time and effort. 

Sometimes, the hours of standing in mall booths and handing out different marketing materials don’t compensate for the leads received. In contrast, when listing properties online, you only need a few minutes to make your property visible online. After putting it up, you simply have to wait for the leads to come in.

In many ways, going digital simplifies and improves daily work tasks. It boosts the overall efficiency of the real estate practice. Other than making properties visible and widening your prospective client base, these are the ways joining Lamudi can be more productive than traditional marketing:

It Targets Motivated Property Seekers

Before, the traditional marketing game involved reaching out to random people passing by your mall booths and hoping they’re looking for the townhouse or condo you’re selling. Meanwhile, when you list your properties on Lamudi, you’re not blindly promoting properties. It’s a little more targeted. 

For one, the platform is a real estate portal. By design, it attracts people who are motivated to engage in property transactions. There’s even a section dedicated to for-rent and for-sale properties. Thus, most of the leads you’ll get from listing your properties online is of high quality. By using online real estate marketplaces, you avoid the laborious, tedious method of marketing to random people.

It Reduces the Volume of Phone Calls

There’s only so much you can put in a physical flyer. In most instances, clients would have to contact the agent to learn more about the property. As a result, the broker had to accommodate so many phone calls a day. But in the case of having your properties on a real estate platform, all the important details can already be found in the listing. 

The structure of Lamudi’s listing, in particular, reduces the likelihood of overlooking crucial property information. You must fill out all the fields in the listing to have it approved. These fields are divided into four sections: 

    • Key Information, which includes offer type and property type
    • Photos and Media, which includes images and videos of the property
    • Location, which includes the province, city, barangay, and address of the property (you may even provide the GPS latitude and longitude coordinates for the platform to generate a map)
    • Contact Details, which includes your name, phone number, and email address 

With these fields filled out, you won’t miss any important information your prospective clients are looking for. This not only reduces the volume of calls you receive but also increases the likelihood of the calls being about property tour appointments.

It Helps You Stay on Top of Tasks

A day in the life of a real estate agent is filled with so many to-do’s. From preparing for open houses to showing properties to clients to confirming another client’s appointment, the tasks quickly pile up. Without a system of organization, it can get overwhelming. 

The good thing about subscribing to Lamudi is that on top of the actual marketplace that you use for promoting properties, you can have access to productivity tools, such as the To-Do List on the Agent Portal Dashboard. This feature allows you to list down tasks and organize them according to deadline and priority. With tasks in order, you can start your workdays with a clear direction and strong motivation to accomplish everything.

It Enables You To Organize Leads Better

Another platform you can use when you partner with Lamudi is the Lead Management Tool. As the name suggests, this helps you organize leads since you can profile each client based on their expressed needs and interests. You may tag them also as hot, warm, or cold, depending on their interactions with you. 

With this, you won’t have to manually write all the information you’re receiving from clients and go through tons of bullet points to remember what they need and want from a property. You can easily decide on action steps to bring property seekers closer to the decision to buy or rent. The time you save from manually going through different leads can be spent on other more important matters.

Indeed, joining Lamudi is more productive than traditional marketing. Subscribe now to the platform to experience the perks in your own practice.

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