A Tech-Oriented Property Buying Guide for Gen Xers

With strong buying power and an evolving family, the Gen X are one of the most active property buyers in the market. In fact, earlier this year, they’re the generation that drove the highest year-on-year growth figures for pageviews for condominium listings on Lamudi. This is no surprise, since they’re at a life stage where they enjoy established careers or businesses. Some even have more time for recreation and hobbies, as their children are all grown up. With this lifestyle, they desire an upgrade in their homes or an addition to their real estate investments.

If you belong to this active property-seeking generation, tap the power of tech. Refer to this guide below for smarter, easier property buying with the help of different technologies.

Go to Property Platforms

Growing up with the first personal computers, Gen Xers are no stranger to digital tools. Many have caught up with the changing times, the mobile-first era, but many are still new to the idea of buying a big-ticket item, such as property, off the internet. Often, they search for properties on social media platforms, prompted by the ads they see on their timelines. There’s a better approach to house hunting. That is, visiting online real estate marketplaces.

Property marketplaces allow a more targeted search. Using the search filters provided on the website, you can easily find properties that suit your specific preferences. For example, on Lamudi, you can search based on property type (house, condo, apartment, land, and more), location, price, floor area, land size, and number of bedrooms. 

In a few clicks or taps, you can get all viable options. Rather than searching for properties on social media platforms, go to sites designed exactly and exclusively for property listings, such as Lamudi.

Find a Mortgage Broker

As mentioned above, Gen Xers have strong buying power. But just because you have all the money needed for a property purchase doesn’t mean you should be rash in financial decisions. In fact, you should be wiser in how you spend your money, making sure that it goes to a property that would indeed upgrade your lifestyle or give the promising rental returns you expect. When financing a property, it pays to consult a mortgage broker. Fortunately, you can also do this online, at the comfort of your home, with only a few clicks or taps.

A mortgage broker matches you with specific lenders and loan programs that best accommodate your unique financial needs. In Nook, the first online mortgage broker platform in the country, you simply have to key in important financial information to see all possible housing loan options in under a few minutes. 

From the website, you can talk to a home loan consultant about your concerns. In case you do decide to push through with the loan application process, you won’t be paying Nook anything. It’s free of charge.

Attend Virtual Events

Speaking of better property financing, it’s a good idea to participate in housing fairs to get special deals on properties. Lamudi has organized its second property fair this year, which will run until September 24. From the virtual event, you can check the most in-demand properties in the market right now and take advantage of the huge discounts on houses, condos, townhouses, and more real estate assets.

The participating developers in the event are RLC Residences, AboitizLand, SOC Land, Golden Topper, Taft Properties, PA Properties-Hankyu Hanshin, Priland Development Corp., Solar Resources Inc., Damosa Land, Lumina Homes, Worldwide Central Properties, Inc., The Hauslands, Aspire by Filinvest, and Futura by Filinvest. The brokerage firm PropertyPRO also has properties listed.

Similar to the main Lamudi platform, you can search for properties based on property type, location, and price range. But if you’re more interested in prices, we suggest looking at the Special Deals section to see right away the properties that have the biggest promos.

See Virtual Tours

With the pandemic, physical property viewing has gotten a lot more complicated. But even without the crisis at hand, you probably would find home hunting tiring and too much of a hassle as you jump from one neighborhood to another. Fortunately, there are virtual tours now that allow you to see dressed-up properties even without leaving your home. Through them, you can easily narrow down property options and simply visit the ones that really capture your preferences.

At the Lamudi Online Housing Fair, you can see virtual tours of developments on individual project pages. Explore the homes at your own pace, at your own convenient schedule. Even if you’re outside the Philippines, you can go on a virtual property tour.

Gen Xers, it’s time to tech up and make that dream property a reality. Don’t shy away from the innovations available to you. Instead, take advantage of them. Master the use of the tools, so you can make your property search smart and easy.


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