Prime Residences Offering Hotel-Like Experience All Year Round

Ever dreamed of staying in a hotel… for good? A lot of people do, but it’s not just because of the pretty hotel rooms. It’s the sophisticated feel and the luxury of having everything at your fingertips that make such an experience so coveted.

With the rise of luxury condominiums, boundaries are being broken when it comes to affluent living. The hotel-like experience is no longer available only within the confines of upscale hotels. By adapting to the needs of the maturing luxury market, residential developers unlocked a whole different kind of world, where one can enjoy a lavish hotel-like stay every day.

Designing for the Luxe Experience

As many parts of the world go into lockdown, the luxury market, as expected, showed changes in consumer spending. While the demand for physical items like premium watches and handbags remains, experience-related expenditure further increased.

According to this CNBC Report, it was way back in 2016 when “experiential luxury” started to emerge. Fast forward to 2020, luxury experiences, such as being in a high-end hotel or a cruise, have been acknowledged as a fast-growing component of the luxury sector.

The shift to experiential luxury also brought in the prominence of hotel-like condominiums. In such developments, luxury is communicated through visual concepts and the use of top-quality fittings, furniture, and amenities. In short, architecture and design play a key role in creating superior experiences for residents.

At the forefront of designing deluxe residences is design worldwide partnership (dwp). This global, award-winning firm offers architectural and design services using sustainable and advanced technology to achieve designs that transcend time. For dwp, it’s all about timelessness and elegance.

Where Grand, Hotel-Like Living Happens

Across the globe, dwp successfully designed projects with interiors that reflect a refined quality and a sense of sanctuary. Hotel-like experience has never been so desirable in the following residential developments:

98 Wireless in Bangkok, Thailand boasting the grandeur of Neoclassical architecture
98 Wireless in Bangkok, Thailand boasting the grandeur of Neoclassical architecture


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