What is the Best Property Platform to Reach Decision-Makers?

As a real estate professional, you have to juggle multiple responsibilities. The most important one is coordinating with decision-makers in your deals. 

Decision-makers are people who have complete authority over which properties to buy, rent, or sell. Examples include your fellow agent or broker’s clients or the procurement or human resources personnel of companies that need staff housing. When you work with these people, you get information right from the source. So, misinterpretations and mistakes are minimized.  

If you want to communicate with decision-makers, however, you need to find the right platform. But how do you know which one they’re on? And how do you reach them? 

Pinpointing the Decision-Maker

Finding and engaging with the decision-maker is easier in theory than in practice, especially for business-to-business clients. A crucial mistake when it comes to looking for the decision-maker of a company is looking at their job title alone.

A great way to pinpoint the decision-maker you’re looking for is by creating a persona. This is a profile of the ideal person you’d like to work with. Start with their job title, research beyond it, too. Ask yourself these questions: 

  • What duties should they be fulfilling as a decision-maker? 
  • How long should their tenure at the company be? 
  • Should they have full reign over the budget?
  • What will address their needs?
  • What do they look for in a property?
  • What are the requirements in brokering a deal with them?

Once you’ve answered all of these, you should have a fleshed-out persona of the decision-maker you want to talk to. 

Finding and Using the Right Platform 

You want to be on the platform where your buyers and sellers are. This way, you communicate with them on websites and applications they constantly use. It ensures that your property is one of the results when they search for real estate on their chosen platform, too. 

  • Use Lamudi’s Lead Management Tool — What’s great about the lead management tool is its lead profiling and filtration features. They let you zero in on your highest-quality leads, and add notes on what they are looking for in their dream property. 
  • Match your leads to your properties  You could be adding new properties to your account every day, but your decision-maker prospects might not always see them. If you have a property available for rent that fits the requirements of a previous lead who contacted you, you can easily check their details on the lead management tool. You can then show them the property by keeping communication lines open. 
  • Ask for feedback — Decision-makers often have a checklist for the property they want. Investors would want a property that can give them a great return on investment. Human resource persons could be eyeing a commercial space that can fit a certain number of employees. A homebuyer might be looking at properties for a certain budget. If your initial property does not match them perfectly, ask them what their non-negotiables are. This will give you a better idea of the right kind of property to suggest. If it’s taking time for them to reply, follow up in one or two days
  • Ask about their preferred communication platform — Always ask about your lead’s preferred communication platform, and be aware of the limitations of each. For instance, if you are communicating with them via email, you can already attach the photos and link to the details of the properties you want to suggest. Meanwhile, if you’re communicating via SMS, you’ll want to keep your messages short and straight to the point. 
  • Suggest a platform to talk in real-time — Discussions about the details of the property can easily get lost in the busy schedule of your decision-maker prospect. This is where a phone call or video call would be helpful. Talking in real-time means you are able to answer all questions promptly, and you can also ask them about their decision on the property. Especially if they are considering renting, they will want instant responses to their inquiries. 

When it comes to selling or renting out properties, you need to work directly with the decision-maker. Offer property suggestions and alternatives that match the requirements of your prospect so that you can better satisfy their property needs and wants without losing the lead. Post all your rental properties on Lamudi, so that you can have listings with the complete details, ready for your prospect to view anytime they want. 

Subscribe to Lamudi for a package as low as PHP799 and post all your rental listings for decision-makers to see. This promo is valid until October 31, 2021. 


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