How to Overcome Inflation Through Condo Property Ownership

Smart investors understand that real estate works well as a hedge against inflation. Further, they know just the right time to acquire a property: before the inflation rate gets unusually high. 

Although investors have different options to stay financially afloat, property ownership emerges as one of the safest options. Cash savings in the bank yield a smaller return than owning a well-located condo property. 

If you invest wisely in a pre-selling condo unit, by the time it’s finished, its value will have increased. Given that it also has desirable features, you get to generate cash flows by renting it out. 

Learn more about how this asset can help you keep up with inflation: 

Own a New Unit that Already Appreciated 

Buying a pre-selling condo unit builds that excitement for a brand-new property. Once constructed, you can look forward to a highly modern, customizable, and functional unit. The best part is even though you still don’t have the physical unit, you’ll be assured of the investment return.

For instance, acquiring a unit at Studio N by Filinvest Alabang, Inc. lets you own a property that already appreciated by 15% since 2020. Its location in Filinvest City, Alabang places it in one of the sought-after cities for investments, further increasing the property’s value. 

Buying a property in this Business District is also a wise move. This area expects high demand as return-to-office arrangements continue. Muntinlupa is one of the cities close to major business hubs, and Lamudi data showed that condo demand near CBDs increased by 40% from 4Q 2021 to 1Q 2022. 

Spend Less, Earn More 

Increase your net worth by investing in one of the units of Studio N (Artist’s Illustration)

Pre-selling condo units are also known for their low introductory prices. This makes them appealing to those who have just started their investment journey. Developers with excellent track records like Filinvest also offer flexible payment schemes, so early investors can stick to their budget, avoid unnecessary debt, and increase their purchasing power. 

Similarly, pre-selling units are excellent options for more seasoned investors. They typically aim to diversify and expand their portfolio, taking advantage of units that are accessible in the market.

Once you own a condo property, you can execute different money-making strategies. The most common way to get returns is through appreciation. In this case, the property’s increased value is realized when you resell it. 

A Studio N unit, for instance, could have a high resale value. It’s likely to become in demand due to its proximity to Filinvest City, a premier garden CBD and home to the PEZA-accredited Northgate Cyberzone. When the demand increases, the property value follows. 

Further, a Studio N unit is considered an ideal rental property. The unit owner can look forward to having IT-BPO employees and other young professionals as long-term renters. 

It’s also worth noting that Studio N is a condo project that promotes a life of ease and wellness. Again, this could increase the demand for its units since urban rental seekers wouldn’t think twice about moving into a centrally located home. Studio N also features the top-searched amenities on Lamudi in 2H2021, such as a pool area, fitness center, and 24-hour security. 

Reinvest to Build Wealth 

Imagine getting a steady stream of cash flow from your condo unit. Eventually, you’ll earn enough money to invest in a new asset. This turns investing into a lifelong journey. Strategically, it has to be that way since your financial needs will not remain static. 

Instead of just keeping your money in the bank, investing it in a pre-selling condo allows you to get back something better. Every down payment made is a step towards financial freedom.

Get the Best Value for Money 

Studio N’s surrounding areas can positively impact its value in the future (Actual Photo)

During inflation, people cannot buy as much with their cash. But if you’re among those who saved up, you can invest in real estate and get excellent value for money. Part of achieving this is to trust only established property developers. 

One of them is Filinvest, boasting a 630% growth in land values over the last ten years. This is also equivalent to a compound annual growth rate of 22% and a testament to the firm’s dedication to offering investment-worthy properties. 

Filinvest’s Studio N is the latest addition to the firm’s Studio Brand. The project is designed to help investors and end-users embrace a life of ease. A unit here is a secure investment since the developer offers reliable safety features, such as magnetic keycard access and turnstile with access control integration. 

Studio N units will be ready for turnover by 2025, making them the ideal pre-selling properties to consider as a hedge against inflation. For as low as P9,400/month, Studio N can help protect investors’ spending power by growing their money through appreciation and rental opportunities.

For more details about Studio N, check out its development page here.


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