5 Ways Open Spaces in Developments Can Further Elevate Your Lifestyle

There’s a good reason that “location, location, location” is the mantra when building a home. While you can easily replace the look of your property, the change in address isn’t that simple. From the get-go, you want to get the location right. 

More than the accessibility of establishments and future developments rising around a location, the neighborhood is the one important consideration in the mind of a smart, modern home buyer. In this regard, open spaces matter. They elevate the homeowners’ lifestyle in terms of recreation, health, and even eco-friendliness. 

This is what Trava, a rising luxury development in Greenfield City in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, aims to create in its future eco-friendly community. With 45 percent of the entire development dedicated to wide, open spaces, there’s so much you can do in the neighborhood. Here are the specific ways open spaces are highly important in a development:

They Help You Relax 

Vast, verdant spaces are visually appealing, that’s a given. But this aesthetic feature is more than a refreshment to the eyes. Ever noticed how you’re more relaxed when you travel to rural destinations? It’s a scientific fact that being in the company of nature reduces stress and puts people in a good mood. 

In Greenfield Deluxe’s Trava master plan, there’s greenery everywhere. There are pocket parks in key areas. Even the roads are lined with trees. You’ll experience a refreshing kind of suburban living when you build your home in this village.

They Help Improve Physical Health

While your mind rests easily in open spaces, your body gets recharged. The abundance of trees purifies the air. They filter out fine pollutants, making it easier for residents to breathe. At the same time, they help cool the air. You can experience better thermal comfort even during the hottest days of the country’s summer season. Trava is designed to bring these physical health benefits to residents.

What’s more, the lots for sale in the village feature huge cuts, ranging from 550 to 750 sqm. Residents who will build their homes here can make room for huge backyards with vegetable gardens, enabling an organic, sustainable lifestyle that further promotes better physical health.

They Encourage an Active Lifestyle

In townships that offer generous spaces, you’re not just healthier; you’re more likely to be more active, as these developments offer amenities that promote mobility. Notice that in Greenfield Deluxe’s blueprint for Trava, dedicated cycle lanes and mini community parks are everywhere. Moving here, you can bike around the village safely and let your future kids and grandkids play outdoors every day. 

The neighborhood will have a tennis court and basketball court as well, where you can drop by for playful tournaments with neighbors.

They Serve as Community Spaces

Open spaces naturally pull people in. It’s where they can unplug from work, relax, and find leisure. With residents spontaneously coming together in one site, bonding becomes natural. In community parks, you get to catch up on your fellow pet parent walking their dog or strike up a conversation with your yoga instructor neighbor. Ultimately, you feel that you belong to the community.

On the flip side, wide, open spaces offer safeguards to bonding in relation to the new normal of social distancing. Trava stretches over 33 hectares. Of this, 45 percent is dedicated to open areas. Distancing comes easy between dwellers given the vast terrain they can roam around.

They Support Your Eco-Conscious Efforts

It goes without saying that the trees and plants in open spaces contribute so much to the environment. They prevent soil erosion, for one. As they maintain the cool air in the community, they absorb carbon dioxide, helping mitigate the effects of climate change. 

What’s more, they soak up rainwater and reduce the risk of runoffs that burden the local area’s drainage systems. In short, they ensure sustainability for the community. If you’re conscious of how your lifestyle impacts the environment, then a greenery-abundant neighborhood such as Trava can help you in your eco-conscious efforts.

Open spaces are a defining element of a good neighborhood. Put simply, they elevate the lifestyle of dwellers. When finding the best location for your next property, consider Trava, the rising development in the South of Luzon, near the Eton-Greenfield City Exit. Get inspirations from its modern tropical-themed home designs for your home sweet home.


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