On the House: small talk with big bosses featuring Emma Imperial of Imperial Homes Corporation

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On the House is a series of casual interviews with Philippine real estate leaders about the stories behind their personas. Lamudi’s very own CEO, Bhavna Suresh hosts the dialogues over a drink or two. Watch the videos here on our platform or listen to the podcasts in Apple Podcast and Spotify.

Today’s guest is Emma Imperial, Group Chair and CEO at Imperial Homes Group of Companies. Emma has a zesty personality refreshing to many. Her sweetness shows in her continuous effort to develop solar solutions to low cost housing and elevate the lives of many Filipinos.

Imperial Homes Corporation is a real estate developer best known for their environment-friendly leisure developments, powered by solar solutions. They cater mainly to the middle-income and low-income buyers in the Philippines. However, Imperial Homes Corporation has also ventured into developing villas locally and abroad.

Visit Imperial Homes Corporation’s official developer page to know more about the company. 


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