Explore These Lamudi Features to Make Your Property Search a Breeze

Online search defines modern property hunting. These days, the journey of finding the dream home starts with a phrase typed on your computer or mobile device. From there, you see listings after listings, until you stumble upon a beautiful house that ticks all the right boxes. The search is easy and simple. It’s less costly, even. 

In a pandemic, it’s safe and hassle-free. There’s no need for face masks or shields, precisely because you can do it at the safety of your home, at the comfort of your couch. This is the kind of convenient search Lamudi aims for when helping people find their dream property.

But more than the wide range of properties available in terms of budget, location, and type, Lamudi has developed features on the platform that can make property search easier. The next time you scroll through listings, make the most of these features:

Neighborhood Rating

This section provides a rating on the location you’re eyeing, giving you an idea of the kind of community in that city or town. User-generated, the ratings are based on the experience of real people who lived, worked, or frequented that neighborhood. The highest rating is five stars.

The overall rating of the location is based on the average rating on three individual aspects evaluated: environment, commuting, and place of interest. Under the environment, there’s neighborhood, roads, safety, and cleanliness. In commuting, public transport, parking, connectivity, and traffic are rated. Then, in place of interest, establishments, such as schools, restaurants, hospitals, and markets are assessed.

Where to find it: On the listing page, it’s directly below the Location Map.
When to use it: When you’re not too familiar with a certain location or you want to know if the community fits your lifestyle

Development Information

This shows the development where you can find your dream house or condo. Clicking this section, you will know more about the project, including the different units available and their respective prices, site plan, floor plans, and of course, the name of the developer. On the actual development page, you can also find the developer’s page itself.

Where to find it: On the listing page, it’s below the Amenities Section.
When to use it: When you want to explore other unit options under a certain development or know more information about the development

Map View

By default, the properties on Lamudi are organized in a list-type layout. This is what we call “List View.” In “Map View,” a section will pop up on the right side of your browser screen, showing a map containing bubbles with prices in them. Those elements are listings basically plotted on a map. In a nutshell, this feature helps you see which properties are available around the offices, malls, or other landmarks you’re particularly interested in.

Where to find it: At the top of the listings page, there’s a Switch to Map View option.
When to use it: When you want to see all the property options in a particular location and compare easily the price points of each option

Advanced Search Filters

One of the best things about online property hunting is you can easily narrow down your options. With the use of Lamudi’s advanced search filters, you can make your search more targeted in terms of the number of bathrooms, land size and floor area, and even amenity inclusions. For instance, you can choose only among properties that have alarm systems or built-in gyms. You don’t have to check each listing separately to find specific features.

Where to find it: At the top of the listings page, there’s a More Filter button, which will show the advanced search filters.
When to use it: When you have very specific property features in mind, when you want to speed up property hunting, or when you need to trim down property options

Loan Calculator

Using Lamudi’s loan calculator, you can estimate how much your monthly payments will be on a mortgage. It’s simple to use. Key in basic financial information, such as property price, downpayment, loan term, and property type.

Where to find it: Under the Resources tab, it’s one of the options. 
When to use it: When you want to know how much house you can afford and which mortgage solutions are best for you

Are you planning to go on an online property hunt? Use these features when you check out Lamudi listings. For sure, it will make your search far easier and simpler. Next thing you know, you’re booking an appointment with a real estate agent.


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