The Essential Parts of Your New Digital Marketing Strategy

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As the world continues to fight the coronavirus pandemic, real estate businesses have been adapting to times of change. For the most part, they’ve been taking their operations online. Beyond the aspect of virtual meetings for employees, there’s digital marketing for clients and customers. In truth, the strategy is essential not only for the present time, but also for the future, as the effects of the health crisis will be felt even months or years after lockdowns are lifted.

A robust digital marketing strategy is crucial now. This had been the focus of the fifth installment of the Lamudi Academy Live Sessions, facilitated by Training and Development Coach Nadine Pacis.

Here are some of the highlights of the session:

Marketing Essentials

During this time of crisis, your digital marketing strategy rests on three important items: use of multiple marketing channels, creation of relevant content, and adoption of personal touch in outreach. The first element matters for the purpose of generating as many leads as possible, thereby hitting a range of potentially interested clients. Meanwhile, the second element involves making sure that you listen to your audience’s concerns and needs. Finally, the third one means sustaining rapport-building in the midst of the transition to more online tools.

Use of Multiple Marketing Channels

Several platforms are necessary when building an effective digital marketing strategy. Remember, what’s working really well now won’t work just as well in the future. For example, the popular social media network Facebook was cost-effective back then, but with so many people coming into the platform, you may need to pay more to be visible. Brand exposure and lead acquisition have become tougher, to say the least, and not as fruitful in terms of results. Sometimes, people resort to unethical tactics just to be found.

As Pacis noted, if you put all your eggs in one basket, then you lose the entire basket if you can’t capitalize or pay enormous amounts of money. It’s important now more than ever to find different channels. Ideally, you use property portals such as Lamudi for lead generation and management, your website for branding, and your social media pages for creating conversations with clients. Let’s break these down one by one:


Think of it as your online office address. Your clients are supposed to know more about you and the business in this channel. 

What should you do to maximize your website? Have these elements: profile, services, contact channels and information, testimonials, and valuable content. The last mentioned is important in empowering clients to make wise decisions.

Social media

Make this your main online communication channel. You can build relationships and create conversations on this platform. 

What should you do to maximize social media? Publish engaging and relevant posts, take advantage of interactive features, such as Stories and Live, and respond to comments and messages from your clients fast. As mentioned in previous webinars, reserve the long, in-depth discussions of clients’ concerns for video conferences or calls.

Property platforms

Consider it as your online shop. Clients should see what you’re offering and you should make it easy for them to do business with you on this platform. 

What should you do to maximize property platforms? Make your listing attractive by featuring full details of the properties. Respond to inquiries fast. Use lead management tools and strategies.

These platforms will help you move clients through the sales funnel. Use property platforms to capture attention. Leverage social media pages, messaging platforms, and your website in building interest and desire. Use lead management tools to facilitate the desired action, which is for the client to buy property or work with you.

Creation of Relevant Content

What most businesses fail to realize is that content draws people in. When you have engaging, relevant content, clients trust you more. Think of the social media influencers that you rely on when buying make-up or a vitamin supplement. In the same manner that you follow their advice on what to buy, your clients are more likely to consider the properties you’re selling if you establish a credible industry leadership among them through valuable content.

Moreover, remember that people want to be well-informed right before they purchase anything, especially if it’s a big-ticket item, such as real estate. In fact, a lot of property seekers today are self-directed buyers, people who do their research and decide on what they want even before reaching an agent. When you provide good content for these people, it’s likely that they’ll be enticed to do business with you. That said, how do you create content that matters and will make people genuinely curious?

  • Ask directly your current network of clients. This can be through a survey, an online poll, or a feedback form. 
  • Research what your clients are interested in. Visit Quora, Reddit, or social media groups or pages.
  • Try different topics for your content. It could be general information about government updates, guides on real estate buying processes, or tips and advice.
  • Share helpful information from third-party sources, say, sites, brands, personalities, or industry colleagues. If not information, share invitations to online events that would help your client in their concerns.
  • Engage with your audience. Answer queries as quickly as you can. Or acknowledge your clients’ comments, at the very least. Take note of the inquiries as well, especially the common ones, and use that for your next pieces of content.
  • Experiment on different subjects and forms of content. It will be a risk, yes, but it’s the only way to find more effective tactics. Use A/B testing and check your data to improve practices.

Adoption of Personal Touch in Outreach

With a digital strategy, it’s more important to be personal with your communications with clients. Since you’re not able to meet face to face, only bridged by a screen, the sense of connection your buyers should feel should be stronger, if you want to retain them. How exactly will you be able to get personal using digital tools?

  • Listen. In using messaging platforms, such as Viber and Messenger, be attentive to what your clients are saying so you can serve them better. List their concerns and their profiles and you’ll be able to qualify leads more effectively. This is especially important when you’re accommodating hundreds of clients. 
  • Personalize. Make sure that your messaging is targeted to the needs of property seekers, whether it be on your social media or personal communications. Express genuine concern towards your clients by regularly sending them information that will be helpful to their situation. Don’t stop at sales-focused communication.
  • Organize. A personal touch to clients is difficult when you’re dealing with hundreds of thousands of people. This is why it’s important to organize all your leads. Technology can help in this, such as Lamudi’s lead management tool. It’s likewise important to update your database regularly to ensure that every client is covered. Include details, such as lead status and particular property requirements. The more specific your document is, the better you can serve clients the next time you check in on them.

An effective digital marketing strategy is crucial to cope with the new normal brought by the coronavirus. Moving forward, it will be your best weapon in staying ahead of the game. With that, make sure to solidify your strategy as early as now, focusing on multiple marketing channels, relevant content, and personal touch in outreach.


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