Neighborhood Amenities That Are Worth the Cost

Searching for the perfect house can feel overwhelming due to the sheer number of options at your disposal. With so many properties available at every price point, it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for you.

As a way to entice prospective home buyers, modern residential developers promise loads of premium amenities. But which of these neighborhood amenities are actually worth the extra cost? Knowing which features are worthwhile can help you narrow down your housing options. 

Choose community amenities that add value to your property and provide a better standard of living for you and your family. These are the community amenities to look out for:

Green Spaces

Suntrust Verona – Artist’s Illustration

The pandemic has revealed the intrinsic value of sprawling green spaces. According to Lamudi data, in 2020, 12.42% of searches were for open spaces, including balconies and terraces. Opportunities to get some fresh air is a luxury that not many have, particularly in Metro Manila. For this reason, purchasing a house in a neighborhood with a verdant environment is definitely worth the extra cost. 

Landscaped parks and paved walking trails allow you to take a breather and get a good workout which, in turn, improves your mental and physical well-being. 

The Suntrust Verona township project, by Suntrust Properties, Inc., is a great example of a neighborhood that has all of these features and more. The 62-hectare Italian-inspired residential development features a lush nature park complete with romantic bridgeways and hiking trails that allow residents to appreciate life’s simple pleasures. 

The clock tower situated at the community clubhouse also has a viewing deck that offers a panoramic view of the natural wonders nearby, such as Mt. Makiling, Laguna de Bay, and Tagaytay. 

Recreational Facilities 

Suntrust Verona – Artist’s Illustration

Leisure facilities that allow you to engage with your neighbors and participate in fun activities are worthwhile amenities to look out for. These facilities are especially beneficial if you have an active lifestyle. As the world has learned during the pandemic, human connection is invaluable. For this reason, recreational facilities that bring the community together and help you keep fit are incredibly important. Lamudi data also shows that 18.19% of searches in 2020 consider an active lifestyle, with a preference for amenities that support active leisure, such as a swimming pool, gym, and garden. 

Suntrust Verona has a clubhouse, a swimming pool, a nature park, a basketball court, and shophouses within the neighborhood. These amenities offer opportunities to bond together or with the other members of the community. 


Even if you have everything you need within your neighborhood, it’s worth it to spend a little extra to make sure that the neighborhood’s surrounding locality is filled with the standard urban conveniences that enrich your lifestyle.

A neighborhood where shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and business parks are situated just a few minutes away is an invaluable feature that will not only improve your standard of living but also increase your property’s value.

Suntrust Verona is strategically located just minutes away from Sta. Rosa, Laguna, often dubbed the Makati of the South because of its bustling commercial activity and luxury. Tagaytay is also a short drive away if you’re in need of a weekend getaway. This kind of accessibility is worth the extra expense given the convenience of transportation you experience in the long run. 

Community Identity

Your neighborhood’s identity might not be something you think is worth prioritizing, but you’ll notice that it seeps into the way you talk about where you live. A strong community identity nurtures pride of ownership and increases community satisfaction. For this reason, it’s worth it to invest in master-planned communities with cohesive aesthetics that make you feel part of something larger than yourself.

Suntrust Verona – Actual Photograph

From the moment you step foot into the Suntrust Verona township, you enter a romantic and elegant neighborhood inspired by the gorgeous city of Verona, Italy. Though the neighborhood has its own distinct charms and personality, it still highlights the most recognizable hallmarks of Italian architecture. These distinctive features will make you feel proud to live here and inspire a strong sense of community.

Wide Spaces

A little extra space goes a long way when it comes to your home. Especially in the time of the pandemic, it is important for the family to have plenty of breathing room, as well as personal and social spaces. You want to relax without sacrificing comfort, and for those times you need to retreat into your quiet corner, there should be a refreshing view to greet you. 

Aside from the beautiful, romantic architecture, Suntrust Verona’s 62-hectare development offers more than enough space for you to move freely. The smallest property on the lot is an 88 sqm duplex, which is already ideal for a small family and their belongings. Spending a little more money on a spacious property is worth it, especially if you don’t want to compromise on your comfort and well-being. 

Amenities aren’t just frivolous perks. The right neighborhood amenities can enhance your overall living experience, foster a sense of community, and increase your property’s value. This is especially true for the luxurious amenities that a neighborhood like Suntrust Verona offers. 

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