Most Famous Haunted Places in the Philippines

The stories involving these allegedly haunted houses and places in the Philippines will definitely keep you up at night

Note: This article is an updated version of the one published last October 24, 2015.

Are you looking for an alternative to those annual office Halloween parties where the same thing happens every year? Or are you a thrill-seeker who just wants a good scare with your friends? Then gather all the gutsy souls you know and head to these spine-tingling haunted houses and places in the Philippines if you dare. A friendly tip, though: bring extra batteries for tour flashlight and do not forget to do a head count before you enter of any of these, an uninvited soul may come with you on your way out.

1. Malacañan Palace, Manila

Malacanang Palace Most Haunted Places in the Philippines Lamudi
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Have you always aspired to meet a Philippine president? How about a dead one? With Malacañan Palace’s rich history, it is no wonder that the place has now been rife with stories of paranormal activities.

Built in 1750 as a summer residence of Don Luís Rocha, sightings of mysterious faceless residents, a kapre (a tree demon in Philippine mythology) named Mr. Brown, and even the ghost of the late president Manuel L. Quezon have been constantly reported by residents and personnel roaming in different areas of the palace. Even the current president, Benigno Aquino III, has reportedly heard the piano play during the wee hours of the night. Sadly, though, no one is allowed to go ghost-hunting here for obvious reasons.

2. Laperal White House, Baguio

Laperal White House Most Haunted Places in the Philippines Lamudi
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Just the sight of this place can give even the gutsiest person the creeps. Built during the 1920s, the Laperal White House is said to have been haunted even before it was transferred to the current owner (rumored to be tobacco and liquor tycoon Lucio Tan). As the story goes, the first occupants of the house were the Laperal clan, one of the oldest families in Baguio, until it was turned into a Japanese military garrison and served as a site of a number of brutal killings, violence, and rape. The victims of those events are said to have haunted the place since then; screams, apparitions, and angry voices are reported to be heard and seen from the house at night.

3. Balete Drive, New Manila, Quezon City

Balete Drive Most Haunted Places in the Philippines Lamudi
Photo by Kj Plma via Wikimedia Commons

Although technically not a house, Balete Drive—a popular street in New Manila, Quezon City—is allegedly a haunted residential area and definitely deserves a spot in this list. If you are one of the very few people who has not heard of the story, well, rumor has it that a teenager was raped and decapitated by a taxi driver sometime in the 1950s along this very road. Seeking revenge, the young woman’s soul has never left the area. Since then, people have reportedly seen a white apparition in the image of a woman turning up at 3 a.m. and the remains of decapitated taxi drivers being found in the area. The latter, of course, is yet to be proven.

4. Balay Negrense, Silay City, Negros Occidental

Balay Negrense Most Haunted Places in the Philippines Lamudi
Photo by Elmer B Domingo via Wikimedia Commons

Once the home of French sugar baron Victor Gaston, this house-turned-museum has given tourists goose bumps ever since it was opened to the public in 1990. Old furniture, a ridiculously abundant number of mirrors, old appliances, memorabilia, and black-and-white photographs of the owners hang across its walls. People who enter this house–museum have reported to experiencing a feeling that they were being stared at or being followed by an unseen being.

5. Teachers’ Camp, Baguio

Teachers’ Camp Most Haunted Places in the Philippines Lamudi
Photo by jamkablam via Flickr

Baguio seems to be a favored spot of otherworldly beings, and this claim is somehow corroborated by many ghosts stories that surround this beautiful city. One of these many accounts is about the popular Teachers’ Camp, which has long been offering accommodation and a venue for trainings and seminars. A seemingly peaceful place, people who have stayed here reported to hearing faint footsteps, mumbling voices, wailing, and even ghostly apparitions—and can make you think twice if you are planning to stay here.

6. Bahay Na Pula, San Ildefonso, Bulacan

Bahay na Pula Most Haunted Places in the Philippines Lamudi
Photo by Dianne Gutierrez via

If only it could speak, this stark red house seems to be fending off anyone who dares enter it. The house’s history justifies this feeling well, as its violent past alone seems to have tainted it forever. It is believed that the house has been a detention site for women during the Japanese occupation and then later became a torture and burning site for captured guerrillas during the era. Because of this, rumor has it that the souls of the victims of those atrocities stayed on and have haunted the house ever since. Faint voices, chains dragging on the hardwood floor, and other unsettling noises are said to be heard by those brave enough to stay the night.

7. Manila Film Center, CCP Complex, Pasay

Manila Film Center Most Haunted Places in the Philippines Lamudi
Photo by Mike Gonzales via Wikimedia Commons

Located at the southwest—and dare we say it, spooky corner—of the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex in Pasay City is the ill-fated Manila Film Center, a project of former First Lady Imelda Marcos. Built to host the First Manila International Film Festival, the building has been controversial because of an accident that happened during the final stages of its construction in November of 1981. The then-under-construction building’s scaffolding collapsed around 3 a.m. of November 17, buying alive under quick-drying cement at least 169 workers. Rumor has it that news about the tragedy was suppressed by the Marcos regime, who only allowed rescuers and ambulance to the area 9 hours after the collapse. The building has inspired countless stories and movies about the tragedy and the workers who perished, whose restless spirits have allegedly haunted the place since the tragedy.

8. Baker Memorial Hall, University of the Philippines Los Baños

Baker Memorial Hall Most Haunted Places in the Philippines Lamudi
Photo by Kea Guevarra via Wikimedia Commons

Named after Charles Fuller Baker, the second and longest-serving dean of the University of the Philippines College of Agriculture, Baker Memorial Hall was part of the Los Baños Internment Camp for American and allied prisoners of war during World War II and is the only structure in the campus that survived the war. Stories have it that apparition of garroted soldiers appears to unsuspecting students.

9. Clark Airbase Hospital, Angeles, Pampanga

Clark Airbase Hospital Most Haunted Places in the Philippines Lamudi
Photo by Azrael Coladilla via

Featured in the National Geographic show “I Wouldn’t Go in There,” Clark Airbase Hospital in Angeles City, Pampanga, can be considered the quintessential spooky place: an abandoned hospital used during World War II and the Vietnam War, the place reeks of suffering of countless soldiers who perished during the two wars. Accounts say that although most of the spirits that call the abandoned hospital home are quite harmless, some are spiteful, as evidenced by objects being thrown at uninvited visitors.

10. Diplomat Hotel, Dominican Hill, Baguio

Diplomat Hotel Most Haunted Places in the Philippines Lamudi
Photo by Ramil Tibayan via Wikimedia Commons

Even during the time Baguio’s Diplomat Hotel was still in operation, employees and guests claimed to have been hearing strange noises inside the property. Some alleged that these apparitions could be the ghosts of nuns and priests beheaded by the Japanese during World War II. People who live close to the property swear to be have been hearing doors banging at night, despite the fact that the structure does not have doors.

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