3 Ways You Get More Bang for Your Buck with Co-Living Spaces

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Co-living spaces are wildly popular among university students and professionals because of the very idea of belonging to a community. In a big city where everyone minds their own business, it’s ironically easy to feel out of place and experience isolation. But with micro-communities such as co-living spaces gathering like-minded people and allowing them to share values and interests, residents feel a better sense of belongingness. Interestingly, the perks of co-living don’t stop there. 

While it’s easy on mental health, it’s also beneficial for your financial health. You get more bang for the buck when you live in these kinds of communities. That’s what residents in University Pad Residences (Upad), co-living spaces in Taft and in España, Manila, experienced for themselves. 

Here are some of the ways co-living is a good financial choice:

You Only Pay for Your Space

Similar to a bedspace rental, you’re only paying for your personal space when you switch to co-living–even if you’re sharing the unit with two or three more people. Imagine how convenient that set-up is. For one, you’re not obligated to shoulder any financial liabilities of roommates. If one of them misses a month’s rent, you don’t need to dig deep into your pocket to cover their share and keep the landlord from throwing you out. You’re not at all dependent on when their pay or allowance comes in because you can directly pay yours to the property manager. 

In Upad, aside from this convenient scheme, the management can refer you to their partner banks for hassle-free payment. At the beginning of your tenancy, you only need to settle the basics, which are quite similar to bedspace rentals: security deposit and admin fees. So if you’re looking for a condo/dorm/bedspace, check out Upad.

You Get to Maximize Amenities

3 Ways You Get More Bang for Your Buck with Co-Living Spaces

While you’re only paying for your own space, you’re able to access a range of facilities in a co-living space, which, in essence, doubles the financial perks. Consider this: Upad’s condo/dorm/bedspace units have their own study area, and offer provisions for a refrigerator and microwave. That means you don’t need to go out and spend money at a coffee shop just to have a decent workstation to write your thesis. You don’t have to eat out every night since you can just reheat the pesto chicken your mom made last weekend.

The amenities you can use aren’t limited to your unit. Upad units come with condo-like facilities, including a student lounge, a lap pool, a gym, and a prayer room. You won’t have to drain your pocket to get a gym membership or to have some peace and quiet after a long day at work because you can easily use these amenities whenever you prefer.

You’re Near the Office and School

Transportation occupies a big chunk in a student or a young professional’s budget. When you calculate accumulated costs for the month, the conservative estimate will still reach a few thousands. In the case of residents in co-living spaces like Upad, they no longer have to worry about transportation costs because offices and schools are just around the corner, with some only a walking distance from the residential tower.

Co-living spaces are primarily designed for students and professionals, which explains why they’re almost always along the university belt or within commercial business districts. Upad’s condo/dorm/bedspace units are near De La Salle University, College of St. Benilde, St. Scholastica’s College, UP Manila, St. Paul Manila, and Philippine Women’s University. They are also within easy access to Far Easter University, University of Santo Tomas, Philippine School of Business Administration, University of the East, Centro Escolar University, San Sebastian College, as well as La Consolacion, National University, San Beda College, and STI College. 

3 Ways You Get More Bang for Your Buck with Co-Living Spaces

Young people who are attending review classes in nearby training centers can also find a home in Upad. By living in these strategically located co-living spaces, you can say goodbye to transportation costs and headaches on the road.

The allure of co-living spaces isn’t a mystery. People are simply drawn to a tight-knit community. Its perks go beyond relieving big-city sadness. It also eases your financial worries. If you’re a student or a professional on a budget, consider moving into a co-living space. Book a tour at University Pad Residences today.


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