A Millennial Investor’s Guide to Condo Buying

Millennials are a growing force in the property investment scene, and for all the right reasons. Many of them are eager to acquire condo units as they can produce positive returns through regular passive income and price appreciation. 

If you’re a financially savvy millennial or aspiring to be one, saving money isn’t enough. Having a well-thought-out investment strategy is crucial for greater results. 

Ready to dive into condo investing? Here’s a guide tailored specifically for you: 

Create an Investment Philosophy 

An investment philosophy refers to a set of guiding principles when making decisions as an investor. Think of it as your map that can get you where you want to go. 

To create your philosophy statement, figure out your own values and beliefs about money. What’s your investment style? How will you earn returns from your property? A good example of investment philosophy is from John Bogle, an Investment Giant named by Fortune Magazine: 

“Buy-and-hold, long-term, all market-index strategies, implemented at rock bottom cost, are the surest of all routes to the accumulation of wealth.”

If your own philosophy statement sounds similar to this, consider investing in a premium condo project like SYNC by RLC Residences. The longer you hold on to your unit here, the higher its value will be, thanks in part to its strategic location along the C5 Corridor in Metro Manila. Besides capital appreciation, it’s also ideal for generating passive income. SYNC is designed to accommodate the evolving needs of city dwellers, which can further increase its future rental demand.

Get Started with a Future-Focused Mind

SYNC allows you to have a stylish and functional unit that could double your money – Artist’s Perspective

The earlier you start, the bigger returns you’ll get in the future. This means you should keep an eye out for the latest condo projects. 

What makes SYNC stand out among many options is its set of innovative features. The home of the future is digitally-enabled, and this is exactly what SYNC offers. Its recently launched N tower has units with smart home features. These product offerings will entice digital natives looking for a place that doubles as a workspace, complete with safe and energy-efficient features.

Units will have smart locks for an added layer of security, smart lights to easily change the ambiance of the space, and an audio-video intercom that allows residents to screen their guests before allowing them inside. All these digital features can easily be accessed through an app. They are future-ready investment options that can get you ahead of the game.

Think “Location, Leisure, Lifestyle”

Location remains one of the major factors to consider when investing in a condo or any property. But then again, it’s not just “location, location, location” that you should think about. A wise investor would think differently (and from a new perspective) since home-buying preferences also change over time. 

That said, it’s recommended that you consider three crucial factors: location, leisure, and lifestyle. It’s not enough that your condo property is accessible. It will matter more if it’s in a walkable neighborhood. Property seekers are more concerned about their health and wellness than ever, so having a unit that enhances these would lead to earning solid passive income.

SYNC by RLC Residences is located along C5 Road in Pasig, minutes away from the city’s premier workplaces and vibrant lifestyle hubs. Some notable developments nearby include Robinsons Galleria, the emerging township of Bridgetowne, Ortigas Center, and Kapitolyo. 

SYNC Sky Bridge and Sky Deck
SYNC’s Sky Bridge and Sky Deck answer the demand for open spaces and a healthy living environment – Artist’s Perspective

Leisure options are likewise crucial as they contribute to improving the health and wellness of urban dwellers. In a condo like SYNC, residents will be treated to world-class amenities. These include, but are not limited to, an indoor leisure pool, stylish lounge area, function rooms, well-equipped fitness hub, game room, and a garden deck. There is also a Sky Bridge to connect the four towers, as well as a Sky Deck from which residents can enjoy panoramic views of the city.

The availability of these leisure facilities, along with advanced safety features within the condo, leads to an upgraded urban lifestyle. This is the way of life that many city dwellers are seeking, and one of their goals is to find serenity amidst a big, bustling city. 

If you can accommodate this need for a better lifestyle, getting excellent returns for the long haul is possible. 

With SYNC, you can own an investment that meets your financial goals and grows wealth. A unit here is well-positioned and well-designed to help you attract future renters or buyers. 

Discover more about SYNC through this link.


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