Microtownships: A Must-have in Your Investment Portfolio

The concept of modern living has always been defined by convenience. Yet, in recent years, in the Filipino context especially, this has taken a newfound spotlight. Seekers today put a premium on developments that allow them to live a hassle-free life, given the worsening traffic situation in urban areas, as well as the lived reality of disease outbreaks. 

It’s no longer enough to be living in a nice, gorgeous home. People want a home located in a vicinity where one can live stylishly, work, and enjoy all of life’s conveniences. All of this is what microtownships offer, and on the investors’ end, this means a promising opportunity to invest in self-sustaining communities.

One community that models hassle-free living is Taft East Gate. Its location is strategic, providing residents with everything they need within reach. Here are the specific reasons Taft East Gate is worth considering in diversifying your portfolio:

You Catch a Market with Strong Buying Power

Taft East Gate is situated right inside Cebu’s main business district. Without hopping on a car or public transport, one can go to the office with ease just by walking. In this age of terrible road congestions and higher infection risk, people look for enviable properties like this. When you invest in Taft East Gate, you’re able to attract professionals and businesspeople–individuals who have a strong buying power.

It’s worth taking note that the development itself has floors dedicated to office spaces. Thus, commute to the office simply means using the stairs or the elevator for your tenants. Taft East Gate’s home amenities also accommodate the new normal of remote work. Its units are equipped with conveniences that make chores easier and undisruptive to work.

In the bathroom, for instance, there’s a shower fast-drain technology, making cleaning hassle-free. In the kitchen, there are no-drip countertops installed, avoiding the need for clean-up of spills. If you position your property as a remote-work-ready home, you pique the interests of a large fraction of the market capable of renting (or buying, even).

You Generate a Steady Income

With traffic problems and physical distancing measures, people are on the lookout for homes that offer easier access to social spaces. ‘Social spaces’ refer to leisure areas, where one can relax and unwind, as well as essential establishments, where one can get the things they need. 

Taft East Gate has both of these right within its microtownship. In terms of leisure areas, it has a swimming pool, a jogging path, a gym, a children’s play area, and sky gardens, all of which provide a big space, allowing residents to practice physical distancing easily. For essential establishments, Taft East Gate houses retail amenities, such as supermarkets and restaurants. In addition, its location is just a few minutes’ drive away from Chong Hua Hospital, Perpetual Succour Hospital Cebu, and St. Vincent General Hospital.

This easy access to social spaces isn’t merely a hot selling point today, but it’s also one of those things that would compel tenants to stay in the long run. Ultimately, this means you enjoy a steady income for the next months or years.

Your Property Will Appreciate Fast

Smart investors always try to see if the location they’re buying into will experience continued development in the future to ensure bigger returns on investment. Situated in the metro, not to mention within an important business district, Taft East Gate definitely stands to benefit from the future development projects in the area. You can expect that property values will go up in the next few years. Your residents will likewise experience better, more convenient living.

Taft East Gate is projected to become more accessible with the national government’s initiative Cebu Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT). Composed of 250 buses, this public transport will ply the greater metropolitan area, covering at least 21 stations. 

The first phase of the project connects Cebu South Bus Terminal to Capitol, and will be in partial operations by the end of 2021. The second phase stretching from Bulacao/Talisay to Talamban will be introduced by March 2022. By this time, you can expect an increase in property values.

Convenience has become the center of home seekers’ preferences in response to modern society’s issues. As an investor, the challenge is to accommodate these interests, not only to get great returns, but also to serve the market better. Synonymous with hassle-free living, Taft East Gate should be your first choice.


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