Marketing Your Property as Work-from-Home Ready

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With the gradual reopening of the economy, more businesses are on their way to allowing employees back into the office. For several industries where working from home is an option, however, this might be the preferred arrangement to protect their employees from the novel coronavirus that is still rampant. 

For your broker business, this means changing the way you market your properties to capture a new niche with an immediate need: a work-from-home-ready property. Here’s how you can market your property to potential buyers and renters: 

List Your Properties Online 

This niche is looking for properties they can use during the community quarantine, which means if they are looking for rental properties, it might be an immediate need. You might potentially talk to human resource representatives looking for properties to rent for their workforce near the office, or individual employees needing a place to stay where they can work comfortably despite quarantine restrictions. There’s also the added hurdle of onsite showings and trippings being hard to do at the moment. 

The easiest and most effective way to market your property right now is through online platforms. Lamudi, for one, has recognized the immediate demand for property in this time of crisis, which is why the platform is allowing brokers and agents to post 50 ready-for-occupancy (RFO) and rental listings for free until June 30, 2020. With this, you can post your properties and reach your market without breaking physical distancing protocols. 

Talk About Inclusions that Make Working Easy 

Does the unit come with provisions for internet and cable services? How about free Wi-fi throughout the building for condominium renters? If there is an area in the unit that can easily be converted into a home office, whether it’s a small corner or an entire room, mention that as well. Provide high-quality photos. Let your renters see how the property can be helpful in their work-from-home setup.  

Natural lighting, which is already a popular feature among property seekers pre-pandemic, can also be attractive to your new target market because it will help them work more productively without relying on artificial lighting, which can result in higher bills and increase the heat at home. 

Include How Walkable the Office is from Your Unit

Posting your properties online is the first and most important step to capturing leads during this time of crisis. Once your listings are online, it’s important that they are easy to find for renters and buyers with a very specific and urgent need. They might use keywords such as “work from home” or “home office,” so make sure you use similar terms when describing your property. 

Use bullets in your description for an easier read, and highlight how accessible the property is. Your target audience needs a place where they can work from home with ease. This means they will stay indoors most of the time, but when they do need to go out to buy essentials, they should feel assured that there is a supermarket or grocery nearby. If you want to target businesses looking for housing for their employees, mention how close the property is to the business district or to key locations in the city. 

Mention if the Development Offers Free Shuttle Service 

Transportation is the biggest concern for employees and businesses, especially if they have quite a distance to cover to reach their destination. For offices who have decided to work from home indefinitely, the situation may change any minute and employees might need to go back to the office at such short notice. With the limited availability of public transport, and the hassle that employees may face, a free shuttle service from home to the office is definitely high on their checklist. Pre-pandemic, property seekers, particularly renters, may be attracted to beautiful views outside their window. Now, they also want features that will help them cope with the new normal. 

Highlight Areas that Prevent Cabin Fever

A studio unit can be perfect for a young couple or a solo professional who needs to work in a neat little home office. There will be plenty of options on Lamudi, but what sets your unit apart is the area that allows property seekers to enjoy working from home. This could be a balcony or rooftop deck where they can enjoy the view or get some fresh air. With these areas in your property for rent, you’ll be able to catch the attention of property seekers who want independence when working but who don’t want to feel completely isolated from the outside world. 

For bigger units fit for families, a backyard is worth highlighting. If there’s a pool in the property, even better. Community amenities can also be worth that bullet point in your listing. 

You have a chance to post your 50 RFO and rental listings online for free until June 30, 2020. Maximize this, but more importantly, post your listings wisely. Draw attention to the features your occupants want to see during this time of crisis. 

Click here to log in or sign up and start posting your 50 RFO and rental listings for free until June 30, 2020.


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