Marketing Real Estate: Know Your Visayan Property Seeker

The Visayas region is a land of promising real estate businesses. Although the majority of the country’s property seekers are in Metro Manila, there’s a growing appetite among the Visayans. But to capture that market, you have to know who exactly they are, what they want, where they get information, and why they buy properties in the first place. 

That said, here’s a rough sketch of the Visayan property seeker and some tips on how you can engage them:

Most of them are in Central Visayas.

When it comes to the real estate market, Visayas is teeming with eager searchers. According to Lamudi’s data from January to December 2019, the majority of seekers in Visayas come from Cebu City. In fact, they make up 87.56% of page views generated in the region. There’s also interest brewing in Lapu-Lapu City (1.80%) and Dumaguete (1.27%). As for the other regions, Western Visayas accounts for 8.76% of the total page views, with people from Bacolod and Iloilo City driving the interest. In Eastern Visayas, seekers in Tacloban City are the most keen on property investments.

Taking these pieces of information, it’s important to be intentional in geo-targeted marketing efforts. List your properties on real estate marketplaces, as these are the first things that show up on Google’s page when people type location-centric queries. Update your online bio. Reassure future clients that you’re an expert in scouring good properties in specific locations. This is how you’ll emerge as the top choice of the real estate market in Visayas.

The majority are young females.

The age ranges from 25 to 34 years old. This means your target client may be working in the corporate world or in her start-up. Put simply, she’s a professional. She has some side hustles too, as she looks for other sources of income. There’s a good chance she’s planning to start a family soon. Or she probably has started already, adding children to her brood. 

In this case, the key to catching the interest of this potential client is to highlight the benefits of your property, in relation to their specific lifestyle. Tell them how close your apartment is to Cebu Business Park or Dumaguete Business Park IT Plaza. Highlight the fact that there’s a big backyard space for kids in your house and land listing.

At the same time, take note of generational preferences. These are millennials, remember. When it comes to platforms, online is the way to go and visual appeal is important. Upload photos that highlight the best parts of your property for sale. You have more chances of getting inquiries with these tactics. Consider enrolling in Lamudi Academy to know further how to market real estate in Visayas.

They are interested in renting apartments…

Lamudi’s 2019 data shows that apartments receive the most number of leads. They account for 30.76% of total inquiries on the website. For apartments, they would rather rent (47.13%) than buy (0.39%). Most of the seekers are at that point in their life where they’re growing their careers or families. So it’s safe to assume that these people are still at the stage of financial preparation for homeownership.  

That said, when marketing rental properties, emphasize the financial benefits your target market can get. You may not necessarily have the cheapest rent around the block, but if you can provide your future tenants flexible payment modes, along with online channels, the millennial real estate market in Visayas may see your rental as more enticing than the others. 

…Or buying a house or land.

Although Visayan property seekers prefer to rent, they’re keen on buying when it comes to house or land. The house property type earned the second-highest number of leads, after apartments, according to Lamudi data. The majority of leads for properties for sale, specifically, were interested in houses (33.43%) and parcels of land (40.40%).

It’s worth highlighting, however, that some people buy houses or land not for themselves. They use it as a source of passive income, turning properties into rentals. As mentioned earlier, most Visayan property seekers are professionals or young couples or parents who want to improve their finances. Investing in the mentioned property types proves to be favorable in terms of returns.

Visayas is a real estate hotspot. Don’t underestimate the Bisayas’ increasing appetite for property investments. Otherwise, you’ll be losing a lot of promising clients and deals. Know your target market. Understand their needs and aspirations. That’s how you catch their interest.


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