Property Seekers Want Balconies: 5 Tips for Marketing This Space

Balconies are in. This auxiliary space, which most people often overlooked before, has become one of the most popular home amenities amid the pandemic. In the recently concluded Lamudi roundtable discussion titled New Behaviors, New Demands: What Matters to Homebuyers Now, Jenna Belardo, AVP and Business Unit Head for Property Sales of Ortigas Land, said that they noticed that more seekers prefer larger balconies now. 

This coincides with Lamudi’s top searched home features outlined in their trend report published last August, Property investment as a safe haven during a crisis. Balconies account for about six percent of the searches on the platform. To brokers, this is an opportunity to showcase such amenities in the properties you’re selling. Here are some suggestions for nailing it:

Emphasize the Views

One of the best things about balconies is their views. Sometimes, houses look out to gardens or backyard decks. Condos, on the other hand, offer picturesque city landscapes. Alluring in sight, they increase the appeal of the property as a whole. 

That said, highlight the astounding views in the images of your marketing materials, especially those you’re posting online. Since many are using digital platforms now amid the stay-at-home orders, it’s important to have the best pictures in your listings, websites, and social media.

Capture It from the Front

This applies especially to houses. Balconies make a big difference in the property’s overall architecture. In the same way that outdoor views increase the home’s visual appeal, the facade makes for a huge factor as well. That’s why it makes sense to show off the architecture with the focal point on the balcony. 

Impress the buyers by how the property looks from the street. If you have the budget, you can use drone equipment in capturing the whole thing. This is especially beneficial for huge properties. It will give buyers an idea of how big the balcony and the house is.

Light It Up

Take note of the lighting conditions when you’re capturing the space. You may want to take some test shots first at different times of the day to see which one would attract buyers best. For some, the best time is in the morning, where the streaks of light remind people of cups of coffee shared with their spouse. Sometimes, it’s in the afternoon shifting to the evening. The sunset casts a somber mood, letting buyers imagine how it is to relax here when their workday is over.

Other times, you need to use the artificial lighting available. Soft, warm light likewise creates an atmosphere of peace and quiet. The bottom line is, make the space “shine” before shooting.

Show the Space’s Potential

According to the panelists in the Lamudi roundtable discussion, most buyers want a balcony in their homes primarily because they want extra space. When you’re in the middle of a pandemic, cooped up at home, not allowed to go out, a balcony can serve as a recreational space. Buyers can “step out” of their homes without necessarily putting themselves at risk.  When showing balconies in your marketing materials, let the people know how they can use it for leisure. 

Maybe add a few furnishings, such as rugs, floor pillows, and a hammock to turn it into a meditation or zen corner. Since the Christmas season is coming up, you can add some garlands and candy canes and let future residents feel what it’s like to spend the holidays zen-style.

Add Greenery

Balconies are especially beneficial for condo residents because they serve as a garden area. Even though they’re in a high-rise building in the middle of a big city, they can find refreshment in seeing plants in their outdoor space.

At the same time, the most practical benefit is they can start their vegetable garden and harvest their own produce. In the midst of lockdown measures, they can count on their outdoor space to supply nutritious food ingredients.

Often overlooked before, balconies are taking the spotlight now, as more property seekers consider it as a must-have in their next home amid the pandemic. Don’t miss the opportunity to highlight this amenity in the properties you’re selling. It might just result in a big, promising sale. 

If you want to know more insights about the current real estate market, watch the recently concluded roundtable discussion here.


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