Touring Manny Pacquiao’s Humble Home in Los Angeles

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Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is no stranger to the public eye. Having established himself as a boxing legend, Pacquiao is easily one of the most famous global Filipinos in the world. He has also had stints as an actor, host, and endorser. The famed boxer has also served as a congressman and is currently carrying out his term as a senator of the Philippines.

With an estimated net worth of over 200 million dollars, Pacquiao is among the richest politicians in the country. Pacquiao and his wife Jinkee own 7 grandiose homes in the Philippines as well as the United States over which the couple and their 5 children divide their time.

Among these lavish homes are those located in his hometown of General Santos, as well as Sarangani, the exclusive Forbes Park, and Laguna. Abroad, Pacquiao has invested in two homes in California–one in Beverly Hills and one in Los Angeles.

In the Spotlight

The Pacquiaos’ home in Los Angeles was featured in MTV’s “Cribs” back in 2013, with Pacman himself opening his front door to let viewers in on an exclusive look at his pad in LA’s trendy Hancock Park neighborhood.

Humble Abode

Despite the focus placed on Pacquiao’s LA property, it is actually considered to be a modest choice of residence for the famous athlete, especially in comparison to his other properties. 

The house is a simple two-storey structure that evokes a rustic feel with its Spanish-style elements and vintage accents. It nestles in 45,000 square feet of land and has 5 rooms and 5.5 baths. 

The exteriors of the home are characteristic of the other properties in the neighborhood, with classic stucco finishings and rich-colored tiles. Though the authentic Spanish-style design of the home is not exactly a perfect match for Pacquiao’s personal style, from the outside, the home is an architectural gem. Besides, it’s when you go inside that you really get a sense of who Pacquiao is.

Inside Pacquiao’s Pad

The interiors scream Manny Pacquiao–right from the trophy room holding his many accolades, to several gifts from fans, including an elaborately crafted bust of the boxing icon inscribed with the names of his children. Adorning the insides of the home are various portraits of Pacquiao and his wife, Jinkee, as well as collections of photographs from the many milestones in Pacquiao’s career.

The living room is decorated in a monochromatic style, lending the home a very modern feel which starkly contrasts with its traditional exterior. Inside, you’ll see contemporary elements and bright color accents in the furniture and decors.

Though simpler than his other properties, Pacquiao’s LA home is no less a luxurious dwelling. It features a large, well-appointed kitchen, pristine baths, and a comfortably luxe lanai that overlooks the pool. Fireplaces are installed in the bedrooms and living room, as well as in the state-of-the-art swimming pool.

There are fewer features that you might see in any celebrity home, and more family-focused amenities like a large dining table, a barbecue area, a yard, and of course, countless family photos. Functioning as a base for his family whenever they’re abroad, the property hits much closer to home for the famous boxer. This is where Pacquiao can rest before a match and it is also a warm place for loved ones to gather–perfect to help keep a world-famous sporting icon grounded. It’s a home that is not so much fit for a boxing king, but rather for his kin.

Where will we see Pacquiao’s next haven? No matter the stage in his career, it’s clear the boxing icon will always have a place to call home, whether it’s among his countrymen here or abroad. 


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