A Home You Want to Stay in: Features to Look for in Your Next Property Purchase

More time spent indoors due to the coronavirus outbreak has made a lot of people reflect on the most important things in life, especially their basic needs. Now more than ever, people begin to realize that a safe, secure shelter is their first line of defense against a raging pandemic. 

Beyond reconnecting with the simplest life priorities, the crisis has changed the home-buying essentials people have on their list. You’re not only looking for a beautiful, well-built house, but one that’s conducive to your needs during another long-term quarantine.

If you’re thinking about pursuing the purchase of a new property once the lockdown is over, look at amenities that will help you better cope with home quarantine, and even make you want to stay in longer, should another outbreak strike again. Here are some of them: 

A Big Backyard

Cabin fever is the toughest problem to overcome during a quarantine. Those who develop this feel restless and have trouble focusing on what they need to do. Others experience reduced motivation. Either way, it affects mental health, eating away the sanity you have left. 

Unfortunately, the very cure for cabin fever is the thing discouraged in a lockdown: going out of the house. You can’t freely leave home, hang out at a local coffee shop, or visit a friend. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting infected. This is where a big outdoor space comes in handy. You get to shake away feelings of isolation, without ever leaving the protection and safety of your property. 

In fact, if you make the backyard a functional space, divided into zones for different activities, say, gardening, playing with the kids, or grilling barbecue, you have a lot of things to look forward to despite the isolation brought about by the lockdown. 

In case your budget can’t accommodate the extra square meters on land, think vertically. An outdoor space can be in the form of a roof deck. There may be limitations in your children’s play, but you can nonetheless do your gardening and host barbecue parties for your little family. Refer to property listings online to start exploring some options even while you’re in home quarantine.

Low-Density Neighborhood

The kind of neighborhood is an important consideration when buying a home. Before the health crisis, you were thinking in terms of the profile of your neighbors — whether they are families or young professionals — now, you’re adding another factor: a community that’s not highly populated. 

In viral outbreaks, social distancing is a major line of defense against infections. This becomes a ‘natural’ thing in low-density neighborhoods since the properties are generously spaced from one another. With fewer dwellings, units tend to have bigger cuts as well, providing you a lot more space for an outdoor area.

The additional benefit to a low-density neighborhood is less noise. The community brings peace and quiet, an atmosphere you would long to have in the middle of a tension-filled pandemic. Ask your real estate agent for a list of low-density neighborhoods in the location you prefer so you can narrow down options right from the get-go.

Accessible to Essential Establishments

While almost everything’s on a break during a lockdown, your basic necessities will not be put to a halt. You will still need food, toiletries, and medicines. The location of your next home will determine how easy it will be to get these essentials. When looking for a property, make sure that it’s accessible to supermarkets, restaurants, drug stores, banks, and other establishments.

Estimate the time it takes for you to travel from your potential home to the market and vice versa. If it’s about half an hour or so without traffic jams, you may want to consider other options. Go for developments that have establishments right within the subdivision or the condo complex. Or at the very least, consider how proactive the homeowners association and property management is in times of crisis. These organizations can make arrangements in making food suppliers more accessible to residents.

Are you planning to pursue a property purchase after the lockdown? Rethink your home buying essentials. While hoping for a virus-free future, it’s still good to be prepared for a possible crisis happening again. Include features that support your needs during a lockdown, and find a home you’d want to stay in longer.


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