Are You Emoji-Nius? Lamudi Introduces Emoji Riddle Instagram Contest

This April, Lamudi treats netizens to some tricky emoji riddles and special giveaways. Interested participants can visit Lamudi’s official Instagram page to learn more about the mechanics.

Joining the fun of emoji challenges, Lamudi introduces its own social media contest Emoji Riddle: Home Edition. Interested participants will guess the hidden word with the emojis provided as clues. All of the words are related to the home. 

Those who will comment the correct answers on the Instagram post will automatically earn a valid entry for the raffle. The lucky recipient who will be chosen randomly will bring home a brand new oven toaster.

The Instagram contest will run from April 25 to May 6.

Home Hunting with an Emoji Guide

Emojis have become part of people’s everyday language as mobile devices continued to influence daily routines. Even property seekers use these quirky icons to communicate with their brokers. Interestingly, emojis can become excellent reminders as well for the most important considerations when searching for a property.

When using Lamudi to look for available listings, refer to this emoji home hunting guide to avoid overlooking important search filters on the platform:

1️⃣ Property Type: 🏡 🏝️ 🏢

The first important consideration during a home search is the property type. Are you looking for a house, land, condo, or apartment? Most people may already have a clear idea of what to buy, but it may be worth revisiting your preferences and exploring other options. 

A condo may be a more fitting choice for your small family rather than a house and lot. A vacant beach lot is perhaps most ideal for a forever home that matches your slow lifestyle. Don’t neglect this search filter when browsing through Lamudi.

2️⃣ Property Location: 🌃 🌊 🏞️

Location, location, location. This consideration in the home hunting journey is important because it’s the one factor that you can’t easily change once you buy the property. You may be able to revamp the exterior of your home or even expand your lot, but there’s virtually little to nothing you can do about its location. 

Where would you want your home to be located? In the city, near the beach, or in the mountains? Where exactly in the Philippines should it be? You may find it useful to check out 2022’s most popular real estate hotspots. Whatever you choose though, don’t forget to use the location filter on Lamudi to narrow down your property search.

3️⃣ Property Price: 💸 🏦 👩🏽‍💼

At the core, buying a home is a financial transaction. Having a clear budget in mind is important even when scouting for homes to make sure that you don’t stretch out your finances later. On Lamudi, you have the option to key in your desired property price. The range goes from below P2.5M up to P30M and above, from socialized housing to ultra-luxurious homes. After sorting out your mortgage application and talking to different bank loan officers, use the property price filter on Lamudi to see the properties available for your budget.

4️⃣ Amenities: 🏊‍♂️ 🏋️ 🧑‍🌾

The amenities in your next home can help you maintain the hobbies you’ve grown to love over the years or pursue the ones that you’ve always wanted to try. The good thing about the Lamudi platform is that you can key in your preferred facilities in your property search. Some options you can include are gyms, bars, entertainment rooms, even jacuzzis. Consider your lifestyle as you do your online search on Lamudi and key in your preferred amenities.

5️⃣ Floor area: 📏 🧒🧒🧒 👩‍❤️‍👨

The property’s square footage is one more important factor to consider in your house hunting as this will determine the comfort of the people living with you. As much as possible, you want each one of your household members to have their own bedrooms so they can have the privacy they need. At the same time, you want a big enough common space where you can gather. Fortunately, on Lamudi, you can specify the measurement of the floor area you want. This ranges from below 39 square meters to 1,021 square meters and above.

The Difference with PropTech

Technology continues to be an essential part of life, even in major decisions like property buying. Proptech allows buyers to experience a smooth, efficient home search process. Moreover, it expands choices, helping seekers find the best properties for their lifestyle needs and hard-earned money. Even those from overseas can join the home hunting journey back here in the Philippines because of proptech. 

Include technology in your search for the next property. While exploring Lamudi, consider participating in the Emoji Riddle: Home Edition. Participate here.


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