Join Lamudi Academy’s Upcoming Webinar On Appraisal & Real Estate Investing With Eden Dayrit

The pandemic has given investors and real estate professionals some time to learn new knowledge about the real estate industry. If you’re interested in topics such as appraisal and real estate investing, Lamudi Academy’s upcoming webinar is for you. 

Launching on October 20, 2021, via Zoom, this webinar will guest Eden Dayrit, a licensed real estate broker, appraiser, and accredited lecturer in the Philippines. The episode will show viewers the ropes of appraisals and improving one’s real estate investment game.

Here’s what you can expect from this webisode:

A Refresher Course On Real Estate Investment

The webinar will be a refresher course on the fundamentals of investing in real estate. During the session, the facilitators and Dayrit will cover how property investors can identify their investing personalities. Additionally, investors will also learn which investment and appraisal principles they can adapt to their personality type.

Real estate brokers and salespersons can also learn from the webinar and use their clients’ investment personality types to their advantage. With new information and skills in their arsenals, professionals can upgrade their portfolios and reach more potential clients.

By the end of this discussion, investors won’t just learn new principles that suit their personalities but will also know how to use these principles to improve their real estate investing game. Brokers will also have a better understanding of their clients and how to accommodate them accordingly.

Key Lessons Related to Investment Psychology

The webinar will also touch on other topics that may aid investors and professionals in making wiser choices in their real estate careers or ventures. These may include history 101 lessons, processes, and other lessons related to investment psychology.

Throughout the session, case studies and comparative analyses will also be talked about as real-life examples. The research and data may also report the significant changes in the real estate market, helping investors and brokers make wiser decisions.

An Introduction to Real Estate Appraisal 

The webinar won’t just cater to those who have experience in investing and appraising. Beginner investors can learn a thing or two about investing and assess whether their investment plans will be worthy in the long run.

Attendees can learn more about ways to acquire properties, real estate appraisal, and the difference between asking price, list price, and acquisition price.

Other subject matters will expand on the fundamentals of real estate investing and provide tips and methods on valuation, value appreciation, and how to determine if you are making a good deal. Dayrit will also tackle how to reduce costs, the importance of valuation, valuation tips that help investors in their plans, how to deal with losses, and the psychology of buying and selling.

Dayrit will also touch on several topics tailored to aid real estate brokers, salespersons, appraisers, and consultants serve their clients more effectively. New brokers and salespersons may use these topics to help them gain their foothold in their careers and become more equipped to accommodate their clientele.

Participants will also be given activities, such as answering sheets on real estate evaluation. At the end of the discussion, investors and professionals will have key take-aways and a valuation assignment to help them review what they’ve learned.

This webinar featuring Eden Dayrit is one of Lamudi Academy’s upcoming discussions designed to guide first-time buyers, experienced investors, and professionals to gain more edge in their real estate venture. With Dayrit’s guidance and expertise, investors and professionals will gain practical knowledge to help them in making deals and maximizing their investment choices.

Catch this Lamudi Academy webinar on October 20, 2021, from 3:00 – 4:30 PM via Zoom. Register until October 10 for 10% off your registration fee! Click here to sign up.


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