Lamudi Academy’s Online Training Schedule for November

What makes the best real estate agents stand out today is their ability to cope with the changing times. They’re the ones who boldly say, “out with the old, in with the new,” embracing the innovations happening in the industry. This is the reason these kinds of brokers are thriving today, amid the pandemic, an era marked by increased digitalization

To succeed in this tech-first age, it’s not enough to abandon the good old flyering and transition to online listings. Acquiring modern, digital skills is the best approach to facing the changing times. 

The good news is that Lamudi can accommodate these upskilling needs. Lamudi Academy provides excellent training sessions for brokers who want to go out with the old, in with the new.

Schedule of Lamudi Academy Learning Sessions for November 2021

The Lamudi Academy will conduct different training programs focused on the fundamentals of online real estate marketing, as well as conversion strategies. These are the dates you should remember:

  • November 10 – Power Hour: Acing Your Virtual Presentations. Presentations are opportunities to make a good impression on clients. In this session, you’ll pick up the best practices for a winning presentation, online meeting etiquettes, and post-meeting strategies that will compel your clients to take action. This training course is open to all. Register Here:
  • November 12 – Level-Up: Real Estate Photography. The quality of the photos you put out in your marketing materials can make or break business transactions. This is why every smart broker must prioritize excellent images. In this session, you’ll learn the best tips and techniques for capturing photos. This training course is exclusively for active Lamudi subscribers. Register Here:
  • November 17 – Succeed with Lamudi. The use of property technology can make a positive difference in your brokerage practice. It can widen your reach and improve credibility, among other things. In this session, you’ll understand better how Lamudi can help you be on top of the brokerage game. This training course is open to non-Lamudi subscribers. Registration Link:
  • November 19 – Level-Up: A Guide to Virtual Tours. Virtual tours can showcase the best features of your properties and make it convenient for clients to inspect the space you’re promoting. When done right, it can increase the number of inquiries and requests for physical property viewings. In this session, you’ll learn the basic steps in creating virtual tours, as well as the different types you can explore. This training course is exclusively for active Lamudi Subscribers. Registration Link:

Seizing Upskilling Opportunities

With the backdrop of an ever-changing real estate industry and the tech-oriented new normal, acquiring new skills is important now more than ever. Aside from being able to cope with the changing times, you get to improve your brokerage practice by:

  • Boosting productivity. Upskilling yourself will allow you to discover innovative ways of working. For example, using proptech tools like Lamudi can help you do away with flyering, which is labor-intensive and time-consuming. One of the top brokers in the country, Raffy Siapco, even likened it to having “additional manpower” in their brokerage business. When you continue to learn new skills, you’ll be able to stumble upon best practices for improving productivity.
  • Offering more value to clients. While some agents are satisfied with the traditional way of marketing, you make the property hunting experience more convenient, accessible, and interactive for clients with the use of high-quality presentations, photos, virtual tours, and proptech. With hard work and dedication, you can be the go-to choice of clients for their home buying and property investment needs.
  • Developing the innovation mindset. Upskilling yourself constantly will create a habit of exploring new and better solutions for the challenges you face in your practice. This mindset of innovation will not just keep your brokerage afloat, but also propel it to greater success, even in the midst of crises.

As professionals in a highly competitive field, you should never stop learning. Seize the opportunities to acquire new skills and see the difference in your brokerage practice. If you want to know more about Lamudi Academy’s training sessions, visit their page here.

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