Lamudi Academy’s Online Training Schedule for October

The rental market in the country remains resilient, according to the latest trend report from Lamudi. In fact, the new normal of work, defined by remote and hybrid arrangements, is fueling the demand for rental spaces. A significant number of property seekers are interested in homes near workplaces and transportation links, as well as rentals located in vacation destinations. 

For brokers, this is a golden opportunity. Promote your properties right, and you reap the rewards of having occupied rentals and satisfied landlords. The best approach for promoting properties is to take them online. Amid the movement restrictions of the pandemic, it is in the digital space that people start their search for properties. 

The challenge, therefore, for brokers, is how to make real estate offerings stand out in the sea of so many options. Worry not because Lamudi has got you covered.

Schedule of Lamudi Academy Learning Sessions for October 2021

The Lamudi Academy has lined up a lot of training sessions this month, tackling various aspects of online real estate marketing. By attending these sessions, you can upgrade your knowledge and skills and win more clients, especially those on the hunt for rentals. What’s most exciting is that there are exclusive sessions for active Lamudi subscribers. Bookmark the following dates so you won’t miss any learning session this October:

October 6 – Power Hour: Maximizing Your Online Presence

This is a good starting point for those who want to be more aggressive in their digital marketing. At the end of this session, you’ll be more familiar with the best strategies for using social media platforms and improving your personal brand in the digital space.

October 8 and 22 – Level-Up: Increasing Your Conversion Potential

The ultimate goal of marketing is to turn inquiries into sales and close a deal. If you want your strategies to be more intentional and effective towards that goal, then you shouldn’t miss this training session. Here, you will learn how to use a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, among other things. This is one of the sessions exclusively offered to active Lamudi subscribers.

October 13 – The Lamudi Academy Sales Series 5: Aftersales

Even a closed deal can offer sale opportunities. For sure, you encountered clients who reached out to you because of a previous client. You’ll understand more the importance of top-notch after-sales service in this training, and pick up the best practices in providing it.

October 20 – The Lamudi Academy Feature: Real Estate Appraisals and Investments with Eden Dayrit

You may encounter clients who are interested in investing in different kinds of properties. In this special learning session, you’ll learn the principles of real estate appraisals, which will help you give sound advice to your clients who have varying investment goals.

October 27 – Wednesday Power Hour: Creating Valuable Conversations

With almost all communications happening in the virtual space now, the skill of connecting with property seekers even without seeing them face to face matters. Attend this learning session and know how to better interact with property seekers of different personalities.

Importance of Marketing Expertise

In a tech-oriented world, it’s not enough for brokers to simply know the ins and outs of the real estate market. Rather, you must also have know-how in digital marketing to win clients and be one step ahead of the competition. Remember, the clients you’re trying to reach are online. If you want to attract them, you have to be where they are.

On top of the marketing expertise, it’s important to use innovative tools to streamline your brokerage process. For agents active on Lamudi, they get access not only to exclusive learning sessions, but also to modern, sophisticated customer relationship management platforms. The Lamudi Lead Management Tool helps agents monitor and nurture leads, stay on top of client communications, and understand their clients better. In the next few weeks, we’ll be discussing in detail the features and benefits of using the lead management tool.

The rental market demand has become stronger, providing plenty of opportunities for brokers. Improve the visibility of your properties by mastering digital marketing.

To join the upcoming training sessions from the Lamudi Academy, register here.


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