Interior Design Trends to Create More Space

Small tweaks to your room can make a big difference.

Whether living in a dormitory or planning to invest in a studio unit, don’t let the small square footage fool you. A few decorative changes, color schemes, and strategic furniture positions can help free up or give the illusion of a larger space. 

Modular Furniture

Modular furniture and multi-purpose items are excellent space savers. Staple pieces to bachelor pads and condo units with no spare rooms are the sofa bed or L-shaped couch. With a turn of a lever or by simply adding pillows and linens, the living room is instantly transformed to a guest sleeping space.

The use of a bookshelf as a room divider is another way to not only save on chunky folding screens but also clearly delineate the sala or study area from the bedroom in studios and dorms. Furniture that comes with storage and keeping bins under sofas, beds and stairs are other excellent ways to maximize space.


Maximize the vertical space in your home, too. A popular way to free up more usable space in a small condo unit or apartment is to create a loft-style room. A simple way to do this is by purchasing an upper bunk bed and using the blank space below for other purposes. It’s an excellent way to make a dedicated space for remote work, extra storage for your online business, or even to use as closet space.

Aside from stacking up your sleeping area, you can also make use of the space on your walls for storage. Putting up a clothes rack is one trendy way to forgo adding an extra cabinet. Floating shelves will not only store your books and hanging plants, but are excellent ways to display your interests and serve as great conversation starters with visitors.


Aside from allowing you to give your outfit a final touch-up as you exit your home, mirrors in the entryway instantly brightens up the space and serves as a transitional piece to highlight the shift from outdoors to indoors. Adding a large mirror opposite to the dining table can completely change the atmosphere of a room and make it feel less stuffy.

Angled against windows and balconies, mirrors can introduce more natural light and greenery to a space. You may place it to reflect a certain focal point such as a hallway to create more depth in the room  or even position it in such a way that it features your favorite decorative pieces to maximize the joy they bring you.

Paint Colors

White is an obvious paint color choice for smaller rooms as light colors visually ‘enlarge’ a space. The brightness of the walls reflect light instead of absorbing them – a white room exposed to natural light is a recipe for an airy and well-lit room. Painting the ceiling the same color as the walls can also give the room a loftier feel.

This is not to say that blacks and greys are absolute no-gos when painting your bedroom. Painting an accent wall in a dark shade (and leaving the others in a brighter color) creates a focal point in the room and gives the room more depth.

Appropriately sized seating

Bulky seating and refectory tables may not be the most optimal furniture if you’re renting a small condo unit. As attractive as that deal on the vintage couch on that Instagram store sounds, be sure to get the correct furniture measurements before typing in “Mine”. To loosen up cramped corners, consider pieces such as a round dining table paired with cute acrylic folding chairs to seat more at the cost of less space. Using low seated furniture near windows is another way to trick the eye into seeing a larger scale.


Choosing a flowy and sheer textile for your floor-to-ceiling curtains gives the illusion of higher ceilings and allows light to softly seep into your room. Using reflective materials such as glass and lacquer also help visually enlarge the sense of space in a room and allows light to bounce off into corners of your home. Adversely, too many different textures in one space can be visually overwhelming and can disrupt a space’s sense of harmony.

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