Turning a Space Into a Home: How to Be Intentional with Condo Interior Designing

Being intentional is about making conscious decisions that enhance your life and eliminate what distracts you off course. Applying this to interior design, it becomes about purposefully choosing elements that turn a condo unit into a sanctuary. 

The result? A space where you can live your best life. 

Being intentional with interior design isn’t rocket science. But it takes some reflection on what you want, what makes you happy, and what home means to you.

To have a place where you can express your authentic self, here’s what you need:

A Blank Canvas 

A blank canvas in the form of a condo unit could be intimidating at first glance. But taking a closer look, you’ll realize it symbolizes a fresh start and new opportunities to maximize your home to the fullest. 

In today’s condo market, RLC Residences is known for offering well-designed units waiting to be customized. For example, its units at The Sapphire Bloc at Ortigas Center, Pasig are designed in such a way that it’s easy to rearrange the layout. They’re larger than typical condo units with high ceilings, so residents won’t feel confined and limited when designing.

Unleash your creativity in the highly customizable unit of RLC Residences – Actual Photo

The best part is that RLC Residences’ units come with high-quality finishes and fixtures and clean, contemporary lines—perfect for infusing more style and class into your home. The materials are also easy to work with. Meaning, they seamlessly blend with most designs. 

An Understanding of Your Core Values 

Injecting your core values into your interior design will remind you—and others—of who you are. Do you see family as your top priority? Design your condo home with a cozy dining area or a game room where all members can spend time together. 

Another question to ponder: “What do you want to be known for?” Is it creativity, curiosity, spirituality, or wealth? Build a story through colors, styles, and home decors. If you’re a creative person like Heart Evangelista, you will find that her new unit at The Sapphire Bloc represents her so well. There’s a spacious home office for her entrepreneurial ventures, an open closet that merges art and fashion, and a bathroom featuring a mural inspired by her previous paintings.


Space Planning Based on Your Lifestyle

Next, think about how you live and how you work. Much of your lifestyle is expressed during work, leisure, and social activities. Consider if you need quiet time or a lot of space to entertain most of the day. 

Depending on your daily routine or activities, you can also set a purpose for each room or space in your condo unit. For instance, in an RLC Residences unit, you can set up a small kitchen with counter space if you rarely cook at home but enjoy having company when you do.

Have a kitchen that’s both aesthetic and functional in the premier condo home of RLC Residences – Actual Photo

For an in-depth analysis of your space and how it should be planned, seek help from professional interior designers. They can draw up plans that define zones in your unit and the activities that could take place there. 

Design for Wellness 

Being intentional about your interior design (and life in general) can promote wellness. You finally stop living on autopilot and start directing your life to a greater degree while feeling secure and comfortable. 

To create a sense of calm and well-being, consider incorporating the following in your design plan:

  • A stylish air purification system: for amping up your home decor and sanitizing your indoor air 
  • Antimicrobial countertop and flooring: for sanitary surfaces that discourage the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew 
  • Sleep sanctuary: for a relaxed, sleep-ready environment complete with luxe mattress, bedding, pillows, rugs, and bedroom scent.
  • Smart lighting: for regulating your circadian rhythm and feeling your best for life’s daily activities 

Even the bathroom at your RLC Residences unit can be turned into a personal sanctuary that boosts wellness – Actual Photo

RLC Residences has condo projects that provide units compatible with smart devices, so convenience is just a few taps away. The property giant is also at the forefront of providing safe and wellness-focused condo living environments in the Philippines. They have reached this position through digital innovations and by offering spaces that reflect opulence, increase productivity and foster connections with loved ones.

With a condo unit from RLC Residences, it’s much easier to live well, be intentional, and design your best life.

Explore your options here.


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