In Search of an Investment-Worthy Property? Here’s Everything You Need in Your Checklist

Before making the biggest financial decision in your life, make sure that you do your research first and keep in mind each factor that you should look for in a developer.

Investing, especially in a real estate property, is a huge and life-changing decision which involves a huge sum of money. Whether the purpose is for personal use or for profit-making, there are factors that should be assessed and taken into consideration to lessen the risk you will have to take.

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Before you determine your risk level, design your financial roadmap, and put your investment plan into action, there is a step you should take first: find a trusted partner. Find the right real estate developer that will take care of you and your investment. We’ve listed here qualities of the developer you should look for when deciding on an investment-worthy property.

Legitimate Registration

The very first thing you should do is to check if the property that piqued your interest is developed by a legitimate real estate firm. The real estate industry continues to escalate, which results in more brokers and developers who are trying to get into the business, increasing the chance of real estate buyers getting scammed. Therefore, it is important that you buy a property from a developer that can show a registered land title, building permit and license to sell that ensures the developer’s credibility.

Financially Secure

There is nothing wrong with asking for business reports from your chosen real estate developers. Since this is all business and you are actually in search of an investment, this is one of the main things that should be discussed. To determine if the company is financially secured, do a thorough assessment of their sales and project success rate. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you want to know more about a developer.

Has a Proven Track Record

Purchase a unit from a property developer that has the commitment to provide world-class service. They have to be consistently good throughout the process – from the conceptualization and planning up to the implementation proper. Check if all their projects were delivered on time and with utmost quality. It is best to partner with a recognized and award-winning developer who has an impressive project portfolio.

Uses Quality Materials

You are in luck if you are buying a pre-sold unit. This means that the construction is still ongoing and you’ll have the chance to check if they are using quality materials. You can also gauge the quality through the quotation given to you. Remember that not everything that is cheaper means it is better. This is the same as a high priced quotation does not always guarantee a quality output. Learn to discuss such concerns with your developer. You may also check the reviews of their previous works written by current homeowners and tenants.

Responsive to Needs

The relationship between you and your property developer should not end the minute you receive the key to your property. Find a developer who will check the status of your property even after the acquisition, assure to provide comfort and security to your real estate investment. Find a partner that continuously values your investment and help you find ways on how to make it profitable.

Anchor Land is a prime developer known for its upscale and luxury developments that continue to change the landscapes of Manila Chinatown and Manila Bay Area. One of the reasons Anchor Land has been able to keep up in the real estate business lies in the involvement of its management and employees, from conceptualization to actual implementation of their plans. This helps ensure that all the projects will be delivered on time as committed while consistently providing handcrafted luxury experience. They also have a unique customer service program dedicated to catering to their customers’ needs.

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Known as the real estate developer behind promoting a modern lifestyle in Binondo, Anchor Land has several ongoing projects in different areas of the country. It was one of the only two Philippine companies included in Forbes Magazine’s list of 200 Best Companies in Asia with a capitalization of under $1 billion in 2008. Learn more about their projects by checking their site.

Before making the biggest financial decision in your life, make sure that you do your research first and keep in mind each factor that you should look for in a developer. Check the developer’s websites and portfolios, ask questions to know more about the developer’s track record, talk to their previous clients, and visit their development sites if possible. There is risk and unpredictability in any types of investment, but considering the factors listed above will help you come up with the best option for a real estate investment.

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